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Smells great in here

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If you typically are on my gift list … SPOILER ALERT!

I’ve been busy the whole weekend and the last two evenings and THESE are the results.

“Snicker” Caramels (soft caramel, peanuts and chocolate) new this year.  I was going to make the usual “turtles” but… after burning the first batch of pecans, running out to buy more, and burning them… I gave up.


Peanut Brittle.


Dark Chocolate Cashew Bark


Milk Chocolate Almond Bark


White Chocolate Candy Cane Bark



White Chocolate Cashew Bark



Dark Chocolate Almond Bark


Mixed Nut Brittle


Pecan Bark (aka Praline)


English Toffee (toffee, chocolate and chopped almonds)


Due to the amount of left over nuts, and some other items, I am going to make a few more things – Dried Fruit & Nut Balls, some dipped Pretzel Sticks and depending on how much is left after those are done maybe something else. I was looking for a Spiced Nut recipe but couldn’t find one I think will work as the nuts are already roasted and I really don’t want to burn any more!  The last thing I make every year are the Chocolate Nut Clusters – which is ALL the crumbs from ALL the batches and any left over nuts dumped together with milk chocolate. They are my sister’s favourite.

The hardest thing about making all this is that every single batch has to be taste tested…. you know, for quality control.

Author: Shannon Fennell

Multidisciplinary artist, world traveller, make-up artist, and cheese lover. I follow a low carb lifestyle to keep my diabetes in remission. Canadian expat in the UK.

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