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For the last three years I have been following the LCHF (Low Carb, High Fat) lifestyle in order to control my Type 2 Diabetes. And it works!

I have eliminated sugar in all forms, including all fruit, and avoid sugar substitutes. I do occasionally use the pill form of saccharin in a couple of recipes but in the smallest amount possible – some things just need a touch of extra sweetness.

I spend a lot of time creating meals for myself that are fairly easy to throw together and taste really good.  I post my successful recipes on this blog.

I also have to deal with allergies or “sensitivities” to certain foods – I can’t eat beef at all as it puts me in the hospital with a massive full-body/multiple symptom attack, and have to avoid any products that contain cellulose which is any grated cheese product.  As you can imagine, I don’t eat out much.

I have always cooked.  My mom let me make entire meals at the age of seven without assistance.  I made lemon meringue pies from scratch at nine.  Immediately after high school I completed a year of Pre-Apprenticeship Chef Training.  While in the program I attended an international Grande Salon du Culinaire in Seattle, WA, and won a gold medal in the Gateau category.

I have worked as both a cook and as a baker’s assistant in the past and know my way around an oven and food processor!  So, I am pretty decent at making things up as I go.

I ended up in another profession (well, in a couple of different ones – Administration and Make-Up) but never lost the love of cooking nor stopped creating.

I make candy – for over 30 years now – that’s what everyone gets from me at Christmas. Toffee, caramels, brittles, barks, sugar plums, etc. I used to make hand-dipped and moulded chocolates (including liqueurs) but it was extremely time consuming and required masses of counter space.  I switched to making the candy that you dump and spread or pour as it is way faster to both make, pack and clean up after!  And it is delicious!  Well… it was, I can’t eat it anymore, but still make it for everyone.

I had a massive collection of cookbooks that I used for inspiration – many were old enough to be considered antique.  Some came from my mom.  I think one was her home economics textbook and it has the best sugar cookie recipe in it. I rarely follow recipes exactly.  I go looking for things that use specific ingredients to get ideas, then do my own thing.  I like books, but Google works too!  And it is cheaper than buying more books.

I never met a cheese I didn’t like, so it is a very good thing that I can still eat diary!  Life without cheese wouldn’t be worth living.

I grew my own herbs and tried to get vegetables to grow but had a very short season when I lived in Northern Alberta so I gave up.  I was buying a share in the local Community Supported Agriculture program every year so get farm fresh vegetables every week during the summer, and fresh locally produced pork too! Now that I’ve moved to Southern Ontario I still have access to fresh herbs at home and seasonal vegetables from the garden.

So watch for my recipes and experiments!

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