It’s beginning to feel a lot like Christmas

Hard to believe that another year is almost over.  I’ve been working a lot and time is passing without me being aware of it.  If I don’t write things down I completely lose track and don’t realize that the date has crept up on me.

Christmas party season has started which means I need to get busy making candy!  This year I will get it made… really, I will!  It is already past the halfway point of November so there is not that much time left for me to actually make it.  Evenings when not at the theatre, or open times on weekends when not face painting – not really that many hours.

I also have some gifts to ship and I think I may have missed the deadlines.

I managed to get my Christmas decorations up today… what do you think?  Too much?




Post Halloween Wrap Up 2015

Another Halloween under the belt.

Lots of great customers as usual.  And a couple of no-shows.

I had a two-hour session blocked off for a couple who wanted sfx work, who had confirmed earlier in the month – but they did not show up nor contact me.  Prime time 4-6 p.m. slot on Halloween day too.  Not pleased about that

I don’t require deposits for private appointments, I just ask people to let me know they are not going to come so I can fill the time from the wait list…  No shows don’t give me time to let people on the wait list know about openings.

Sugar Skulls were huge this year.  I did eight of them over the two days.  What happened to the zombies??  I only got to do three this year and they were face paint only, no sfx.

Here are some of the sugar skulls – I missed getting photos of all of them.  I always manage to miss some even though I intend to take photos of everything.

kidskull red skull skull skullcouple

And these were minimally my work – they came with their bases already done and just wanted me to add the stitches.  I did the eye shadow on the blue haired woman but her lash extensions were already blue.

Bride stitches

Many customers provide photos of exactly what they want and I provide it:


This next one is my interpretation of Jonah Hex (when the client told me that’s what he wanted I had to google it…) It was all created directly on his face and the latex and gelatin was reinforced so that he could remove it and re-attach it himself.


Next is Zombie Cleopatra – she really only wanted to be Cleopatra but she was working at a  Haunted House and the “boss” told her she could wash off the “blood” later to go to her party.


A couple of the Living Dead.


And Vinny… ah, yes, Vinny the imaginative.  He is the “Incy-Vincy Spider”… he is so creative. He always arrives with parts of his costume in pieces and finishes it in my studio. Usually I am picking up feathers and fluff for weeks.  But it is always fun to get the make-up right.


And my final photo to share is of Flynn, The Undead Dane!  I’ve painted animals before but Flynn was unique – and massive… and heavy!


Here is an action shot… of me.  On Flynn’s part it is inaction!



October Design-A-Day #31


My final designs to share this October are the two body paintings I did at the US Body Painting Festival – I placed Second in Sponge and Brush.  The theme for the competition was Halloween – day one I painted the “Bats” body painting and day two was “The Headless Horseman.”

body2 body12


October Design-A-Day #30

Slightly more than one example but if you are going for a diseased “Lovely Lady” from the streets these could give you some ideas.  Cast members from Les Miserables which ran this past February.  You just can’t forget the tooth rot!DSC00351 DSC00340 DSC00339 DSC00315 DSC00354 DSC00355 DSC00350


October Design-A-Day #29

Almost the end of the month!  Here is my 29th offering for your perusal.  I did this make-up for a photo shoot themed “Twisted Fairy Tales” for photographer Charlie Healey.

It is the Wolf tearing out of Little Red Riding Hood.



October Design-A-Day #28

This design, which I call the Blue Ice Fairy, was done for a live body painting demo I did a the Art Gallery of Grande Prairie several years back.  It was a fairy, a nice fairy… but this image was edited by the photographer and he made her evil!!  I love it!
Fennell Fairy - Gervais photo 2


October Design-A-Day #27

Clowns are often asked for.  At this time of year it is generally scary clowns but occasionally someone will just be a regular clown.BurgundyRed fpwink


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