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The long summer has begun

Last day of classes was April 27th. Now on the long summer break and was lucky enough to get one of the student summer employment positions at the college. I started this past Monday and will be working as a clerk in the Recruitment & Admission department full-time until the end of August.

When I say I “was lucky”, I mean it.  I’ve been looking for a part-time job since I arrived in Ontario back in mid-October. I applied for over 80 jobs – in person, online, etc. however the posting required. I was applying for retail and service jobs mostly as it was part-time I needed because of school.

I did not get a single callback on any of those applications. Not one. I had a hard time with that. I’ve never been out of work more than a couple of days in my life – and I have always taken what was available in order to have a job to keep things going. Aside from my main careers of office administration and self-employed make-up artist, I’ve worked retail (ladies fashions, grocery store, convenience store, department store, cashier, stocker) and food service (coffee shop, cashier,counter service, line cook, waitress, banquet staff and prep cook.)

At one point I had four jobs going at the same time, so I am not opposed to working tight schedules or odd shifts.

It was pretty demoralizing to not get a single call. Even from the companies that I had previously worked for in other locations (with good performance records I might add!)

And only ONE even bothered to email a computer generated response to acknowledge my online application.

In talking to other students, this apparently is completely normal for this area – lots of advertised jobs but nobody gets a foot in the door.  Many of my classmates were anxiously looking for summer jobs too.

So getting approved to be able to apply for the Summer Employment Program at the college was a huge relief. There were nearly 100 jobs available to students throughout the college and many were administrative/clerical which is my area of expertise (other than make-up, but they didn’t have any openings for that skill set.)

I sent off my applications for all the jobs I was qualified for (my skills fit AND that were open to all majors) and got several interviews scheduled immediately. And was offered a position as a Recruitment and Admission Clerk. HUGE RELIEF!!

Pay is good, the people are very friendly, and there is a good possibility that the position would roll over into part-time once classes start – I was told this yesterday. They like to keep on the summer students as “work study” students as it saves them having to train new clerks. So I will do my best to impress! Would be excellent to work at the college as the work study positions accommodate your class schedule – you only work when you aren’t in class, and it is regular business hours so no weekends or nights. And I already have a parking pass.

Another huge plus – I get to work in air conditioning during the hot and humid southern Ontario summer! Bonus.