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Halloween is Coming – part two

Here we are at the second week of my Halloween countdown in the form of some of my make-up and costume work.

I love Halloween and those clients who want to go all out with their ideas.  I’ve one particular client who comes every year, many years twice, who is the epitome of Halloween spirit.  He gets a full special effects make-up every Halloween day morning and goes out for the day, often completely decorating his truck as well.

He has the idea and gets his costume together, and I get the make-up figured out to his specifications – sometimes I make the pieces, sometimes he buys them, sometimes both are used.  Copious amounts of blood are usually involved.








I have such a lot of fun with my clients!


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I love the smell of rotting flesh in the morning!

Ah yes… it is the season for Zombies… desiccated zombies, bloody zombies, rotting zombies… all types of zombies!

My season of individual Halloween make-up appointments actually started at 9 a.m. yesterday morning – a very early start this year.  I actually have bookings over three weekends.

I had four people yesterday, then late last night I got a message from a director – he needed two Walking Dead style zombies for a shoot today, and could I do them starting at 8 a.m.  I didn’t have anyone scheduled for today (I was planning to bag leaves in the front yard) so said I could do it.  I knew the actors from other shows.

My afternoon clients yesterday left looking like this:

Zombie family portrait (650x800)

And today I made this gal:

tenilleInto this:

zombie tenille

And this guy:

TravisInto this:

zombie travis

So the season is off to a good start I think.