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Think I’ve got a friend

My sister told me that when I moved to Ontario I would be given a Samoyed named Brian.  She claimed the Province of Ontario has a program that does this.  Oddly, she had a Samoyed named Brian – such a coincidence!

Brian is a rescue that they adopted over a year ago. He is around 10 years old. He is the low man in the “pack” here as Candis, their 2-year-old female Samoyed is the Alpha and Pod, a 2-year-old Rott/Shepherd cross is the Beta… so Brian gets his butt kicked a lot.

Since I got here he’s been my buddy. Once it got below freezing (to kill off the ticks) we started to go for walks everyday. He loves it and is very obedient on the leash and it is good for me too. He now expects that we are going to a walk every time I put on my coat or go into the laundry room as that is where we leave the house from.

Samoyeds have traits that other breeds don’t seem to. They back up… a lot. Both Brian and Candis. They’ll get your attention then back up across the entire room. Sometimes weaving their heads around. They also sleep in the exact same poses – on their backs, sometimes with their legs sticking straight up in the air.


That’s Brian above in his usual spot.


And the above is Candis on the left and Brian on the right doing their synchronized sleeping routine. The Russian judge gave them a 7.5.

Brian loves eggshells. He “guides” me to the kitchen in the morning to make breakfast and waits patiently for the eggs shells. The sound of crunching eggshells is a bit like fingernails on a chalkboard.

They are all on a RAW diet and it is amazing. Very little poop, they are really healthy and enjoy their food a lot.

Only thing is the hair… O.M.G! Brian has started to blow coat a bit – chunks of it come off, or hang off him. This is normal for the double coated breeds; I just thought it happened only in the Spring. My sister vacuums constantly – she loves her built-in vacuum system!

Brian likes to keep an eye on me when I am in the kitchen. This is the pose he prefers for this very important job.


He has started to come to me for rubbing and scratching, and also jumped up beside me on the sofa once (so far) but didn’t stay. I think he likes having his own person in the house. I’ve been warned to make sure to keep the position of control as the breed will take the dominant role if you don’t.

He’s a cool dog.