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Guess who is going nuclear?

One of the more “interesting” things about moving to Ontario is the aspect of nuclear power.

Got this box in the mail today – addressed to the occupants at this address.


It was handed to me to open (all the mail with no specific name on it is mine apparently.)  Inside was this:


A pen (you might need one during the meltdown!), a fridge magnet and a booklet.  Does anyone else remember that comedy shortfilm by the National Film Board (at least I think it was) about a nuclear attack?  I remember lines about “extinguishing all smoking materials and get under the refrigerator” and “putting your head between your knees and kissing your ass goodbye”?

This was the inside cover of the box:


Not really sure how convenient this box would be… where would you stash it?  That drawer in the kitchen with all the other stuff? On top of the fridge that no one can see?  In the pile of “important papers” on the end of the counter that is now buried under the kids’ homework?

Just read that the pen is a flashlight too… and just about burned out my eyeballs!  That is bright!


Well… keep calm is a pretty standard step in an emergency.  Go inside, well… sure, wood frame homes will definitely keep out the radioactivity.  Radio, yep.  Maybe I could get in the car to listen to the radio?  That seems more pro-active – then I’ll be ready to evacuate.  And with my electric hybrid I won’t need to stop for gas!  Need to order those pills though.


Wonder if my thyroid medication would interact with the potassium iodide? Although, if they tell us to take the pills my low thyroid is probably not something I’d need to continue to worry about.


Hmm… 45 years without a serious accident at the Pickering plant which we are right next to.  I don’t know about you but… at 45 my knees were shot.

The red dot that I put on this next page is where we live… That’s about as close as you can get!


And no matter which way the wind blows… well, we are in the middle!

In Northern Alberta I just worried about the local mill catching fire (again) or a train derailment or a plane crash or snowmaggedon.  In town I was not close enough to oil production to worry about an explosion or gas leak.

Oh well… guess there are risks everywhere.  I may need to make myself an aluminum suit to go with my tin foil hat though.