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Canada Day at the Park

We had a good day at Muskoseepi Park on Monday.  It was scorching hot… 34C.  Really hot for us here (I know some of you are scoffing!) and very unusual for this time of year.  A lot of people did not come down for the free activities, concerts, etc.  Usually the line for face painting at events there are hours long and take up the whole path… this time it went around the side of our tent, and then folded back on itself but never got long enough to reach up to the path.  Very steady for the three of us painting, but it ended naturally at closing time.  We closed the line and I only turned away three or so kids after that, so it worked out well.

We did my usual Canada Day routine of only offering red, white and black designs.  I had at least five signs up explaining it.  Also signs listing word choices/suggestions of designs – first time I’ve tried this.  I can’t really say it was a raving success but it did make things a little easier for my assistants as there was no expectation of the design result looking like a photo of some thing I had painted.  Parents were reading it to the little kids and obviously the word “superhero” is too vague – I got several older boys asking for Ironman and Wolverine.  We had to explain often that we were only using red and white, even with all the signs up and only those colours on the table.

Lots of Spidermen, Hello Kitties, Zombies (many on cute little girls), Butterflies, Flags, Cats, Tigers, a Lightening McQueen, some Wolves, etc.  One of my crew, Devon, was doing cats running across foreheads farting “rainbows” and glitter by request which was hilarious.

A local photographer pre-arranged to come down to take photos.  She wanted to add to her portfolio.  She was at the Swan Festival in April and had taken some great shots of my paintings.  I really love the shots she got that she’s shared with me.  Her wildlife photography is amazing – check out her work Chipabirdee Images and her name is Marilyn Grubb.  Here are photos she took and shared with me (and everyone as they are on Facebook too!)

Bat July 1 2013

Bat 2 July 1 2013

Canada Tiger July 1 2013

Canada Tiger 2 July 1 2013

Cat July 1 2013

Flag July  1 2013

Kitty July 1 2013

Tools July 1 2013

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News and ponderings

Time really does go by faster as you get older.  It is the end of June and I had a lot of things that I intended to have finished by this time.  Oh well, the world won’t end if I don’t get them done.

I started a new day-job a month ago as Program Coordinator for the Grande Prairie Volunteer Services Bureau and there is a lot to do!  I actually started off in the non-profit sector many, many years ago – I have a diploma in Volunteer Management actually, so it is nice to get back to my roots in that way.  I’ve worked for charities and non-profits along the way and have always been a volunteer myself and work with volunteers regularly.  I am excited about really getting into my role there!

My current big project is coordinating the volunteers for the 13th Grande Prairie International Street Performers Festival!  So if you are in Grande Prairie and want to be a part of a great event check out the links!  Contact me at the Bureau if you want more information.  The Festival is July 19, 20 and 21 in Downtown Grande Prairie, Alberta.

I’ve been busy with face painting and make-up bookings too.  I am working with several photographers on the 5 Alarm photo project – but can’t share anything until after the show in the Fall.  But it is a lot of fun and I get to be creative.

Canada Day is Monday and I and my crew will be face painting at Muskoseepi Park from 2:30 to 6:30 p.m.  We will only be painting with red, white and black!  We’ll paint the usual requests but will be keeping with the theme and only painting in Canadian colours!  Flag colours, not Molson Canadian, Montreal Canadiens or Toronto Maple Leafs… just to be clear!  We won’t even have other colours available so no amount of bribe will get you a Leafs logo.  Seriously.  I mean it.

I’ve got appointments in the morning on Canada Day for two different groups that will be in the parade so I’ll be getting the RAV4 packed up tomorrow.  I picked up decorations for our tent (being provided by the park) and some plastic tablecloths to make sides to keep people out of our space – the forecast is for 33C so I am sure people will be seeking any shade they can.  But with four people working in a pop-up we cannot have people crowding us or hogging any breeze that might be blowing through.  Also got a couple wind-chimes and flag banners to put up.

I also went and bought a cooler and case of water… the cooler will also store the back-up face paint.  Black is notorious for going gloppy in the heat so we’ll need to switch out the cakes – so I am preparing.


Using only red, white and black is really not that limiting…. I went through my photos and these are just regular paintings from past years, all red, white and black… you get pink and grey out of those colours too!

Chris FennellSpiderZom-12 (600x414) valentne SkullSoldier Jester thestig

Painting a sleeping spider-kid

Painting a sleeping spider-kid

Painted AFTER I saw the Wolfe Brother's work

Painted AFTER I saw the Wolfe Brother’s work

I'm not the full face type!

I’m not the full face type!

mouse BurgundyRed geckotat DSC08388