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Tis the season

Ah, the smell of Halloween is in the air… rotting leaves, the hint of snow, burning leaves, the musty scent of winter clothes being pulled out…

Replacing the insoles in the winter boots… er… um… well, that isn’t all that pleasant.

Here are some ideas from my archives for Halloween.

Bats 2




I am, as they say, gobsmacked

This morning I checked my email, as I do every morning (as one does) and there was a message forwarded from my website contact page.  I assumed it would be an inquiry for a job as it usually is.

However… no, it started off:

Hi Shannon.
I was browsing the web and found your lovely blog.

Oh, how nice someone is complimenting me.  I do get message like this on occasion…  but then it continued

I am a face painter in the UK, I am currently building my online profile and was hoping you might be intersted in writing about me with a link to my site on your interesting blog! Here is a little onformation for you:

Um… er, what?  She goes on about herself and her upcoming tutorials and closed with

Thank you hope that’s OK and I’ll get in touch when I have started my tutorials.


Ah… right.  I don’t know who you are, I’ve never heard of you, never seen anything posted by you on Facebook anywhere that I know of, and yet you want ME to write about YOU and promote your currently non-existent tutorials to the world?

Did I miss something?

I checked her Facebook page – she only created it on September 14th of this year.  She has 16 likes.  Website is nicely done but pretty newish,  Work is mid-level – competent but nothing amazing or original.

What made her think I use my blog to promote random unknown painters and their search for fame and fortune?  This is my blog and, yes, it is about ME!

You would think that if she had looked at my “interesting blog” she might have noticed the type of content I post…

I share stuff, sure.  I do occasionally review new books, etc. but it isn’t done on someone’s request.  I chat about what I’ve been doing, show how I do it, post photos to share face and body painting work, theatre design and productions, bore you with  my everyday life and challenges, etc.

I have never used my blog to promote any products except those I actually use and like in context of really using them – like certain colours or brands of make-up, sponges, etc.

I drafted an email .. then deleted it.  I am not going to acknowledge her presumptuous request with a response.  If she happens to read my “lovely blog” again I think she’ll get the message.

I’m also curious if she’s been blasting this all over the place to other bloggers/face painters?  Is it a new approach to using social media that I’m missing?

I am still shaking my head over this one…


Here’s a picture so you have something nice to look at after reading my tirade – It’s time to get ready for Halloween!



Some Dinosaurs from Canada Day

I painted a small group that were going to be riding on the Philip J. Currie Dinosaur Museum‘s float in the Canada Day Parade on Tuesday morning.

In preparation I had printed off some examples for them to have a look at.  One of the kids had brought along a large dinosaur book, just in case I didn’t know dinosaurs.  We did end up using one of the book illustrations to base the Velociraptor design on.

DinoCollage (605x800)

The Museum is currently under construction and I think it will be open for December.  They are holding a Grand Opening on August 9th with an Amber Ball with lots of celebrities and performers, a mass motorcycle ride out to the museum led by Dan Ackroyd and family, and other events.

I will be doing a body painting for the Ball with multiple models which should be fun!



Photos from the show

As promised here are some photos of the make-up from The Wind in the Willows.  Five more shows – tickets are still available!


Auntie Hedgehog

Aunt Hedgehog




Mrs. Churchmouse




Judge Owl

Judge Owl



Pack Rat (two photos from different performances – there are slight differences…)

Pack Rat Packrat

And Ratty.


I was able to watch last Sunday’s matinee with mom.  It is a very well done and cute show – the kids in the audience really enjoyed it.


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December 24th


And for Christmas Eve… the Star of Bethlehem, with shepherds and sheep.  This was done back in 2006 – It was the first time I use Tim Gratton Body Paint which is the black.  Poor Naomi… she said it tasted like Calomine lotion!  This was the only time I used it on someone’s face.  But I use it for body painting all the time as it is awesome.  The blues and white are Kryolan in the base, with old stack Wolfe white for the bright white detail.

A suitable finish to the Advent Calendar of face paintings.

My plans for the rest of the day include preparing for dinner tomorrow, going to my bosses’ with mom for Christmas Eve dinner and watching A Christmas Carol with Alastair Sim before bed.  Hope you all enjoy the rest of the season.

Merry Christmas to all!  And to all… a good night.

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December 21st


Oh no… ANOTHER ONE?!  I know, I know, there have been quite a few holly designs… but it is the season for them!  This one is on a larger scale than the others, and it is holly without any other branches added to the design.  Oh, and I painted green glitter gel over holly leaves – I outline with the Liquid Bling, then use a flat brush to carefully pull the gel over the inside of the leaves.

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December 20th

Winter Mask

Yet another where I’ve used my favourite Kryolan Interferenz Bach Blue as the base, with a snowman and snowflakes, and some blue Liquid Bling.  Little snowmen are fun. They are so basic – three circles of white, a couple flicks with black, and a tiny flick of orange for the nose (I am traditional and use a “carrot”) and … da-duh!  A snowman.