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Not my best month

Three weeks ago my vision tanked. To the point that I can’t read – even with high magnification, in intensely bright light, in any of my prescription glasses or reading glasses. When I look at text I see fragments of letters – takes a very long time of concentration on a single word to determine what it is. When reading new material it just isn’t manageable.

My eye treatments are usually four to five weeks apart so I should have had one around the 13th or 20th of January… I called the eye clinic around the 24th to check on the status and was told there was a two to three week backlog and that I was on the waitlist for an appointment.

On Feb 6th I called again because my vision was getting worse and I couldn’t even see people’s faces (just a blurry blob). I was told to call Urgent Care… but that was a day of job action and no one was answering the phone – just a message saying to call again later. Couldn’t get an answer until the next day.

Then had to tell them that I had been told to call them as they needed to triage me to get moved up the waitlist. Was told a nurse would call back. Several hours later the nurse called and said I should have called the number on the form I got after my last treatment – I HAD. that’s who told me to call them! -, said as I was a patient in the clinic they wouldn’t see me in Urgent Care, BUT she had moved me up the list and booked me an appointment for Feb 24th – that was the earliest that was possible (17 days!)

Meanwhile, I can’t read anything, I can barely make out objects, people are fuzzy blurs, I keep slamming into railings and door jams as my depth perception is total crap. My right eye has a large void in the field of vision – best way to describe it is like an over exposed photo where no details can be made out.

It is playing havoc with my course work – I wasn’t able to complete the assignment due on Feb 9th. I had all the components pretty much ready to assemble and edit into a presentation (containing video, slides, narration, etc.) But I wasn’t able to get it finished as I can’t see to do the editing or read the narration! I’ve got an extension, so I am hoping after this Friday (which I assume means I will get my treatment!) I will be able to scramble over the weekend to get it put together to hand in.

And to top it off my right eye is really irritated and was quite red yesterday (so I was told as I can’t see it!)… which I am worried might delay treatment. It is usually irritated but not to this extent – I’m hoping it was just because I got some dust in it or something.

I have access to software and services through the University for accommodation for my vision – software that converts any form of text files to audio is one. Only issue with that is that it converts EVERYTHING on the document/file to audio… headers, footers, page numbers, sidebars… academic papers and articles are frustrating to read when you can just skim through them quickly to see if it is pertinent. That is really impossible with an audio file!! I’m stalled with research right now. I managed to convert a bunch of papers and articles, but it adds up to close to 40 hours of audio… not sure I can cope with listening to the computer generated monotone voice reading for than length of time, particularly as I don’t know if the information is even going to be relevant for my project.

I really hope to get back on track after Friday and hope to hell that this current backlog at the Eye Infirmary will get dealt with. I can’t wait this long between treatments as my condition is NOT stable, even after seven full years of treatments.

I booked a trip to Amsterdam (leaving April 2nd) to go to the Vermeer Exhibit at the Rijksmuseum… I need to be able to SEE the art!! I really really hope that I don’t have to cancel that.