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Day 202…

WordPress has changed the editor on me so I’m not quite sure what’s going on as I type this! I thought “classic block” was what I had been using, but apparently not.

Oh well… guess I will adapt.

I’m back in class for Fall Semester – two of my studio classes are on campus, the rest of them are remote/online. It is a bit different for me. We are only permitted on campus for the duration of our classes, there is only one entrance open, masks are mandatory, hand sanitizer stations spaced about every six feet, etc.

We get notifications from the college when someone tests positive – whether they have or haven’t been on campus. We are up to two confirmed who WERE on campus.

I have no idea what the threshold is for another lockdown. My program is the only one in the Faculty of Media, Art & Design that has any classes on campus. It is very surreal walking through the halls to the studio.

If everyone is wearing masks, washing their hands and maintaining distance being there is no more risky than going to the drug store to pick-up a prescription and safer than riding the bus by a long shot.

As this is my final year in the program it is my thesis year. I am planning my concept and work bearing in mind that lockdown is a real possibility and may be at home, again, to finish my work. So one idea that involved very large panels isn’t going to happen. I have no way to work on anything other than what fits on my card table in my room. The joys of living in student housing.

It is going to be a challenging year.