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School is in!

First week back is done. First classes of all courses attended. I am excited!

This semester I’ve got six classes for five courses:

  • The Art of Photography
  • Ideas & Images for Art and Design
  • Drawing I
  • Digital Resources for Art & Design
  • 2D Art & Design which is two 3-hour classes per week – one is Design, one is Painting each with a different professor.

There was also a Communications for Design course in the schedule, but I have challenged it. Just have to do the fourth part of the assignment which is an oral presentation with a PowerPoint presentation (it is scheduled for Monday.)

Ideas & Images for Art and Design looks really interesting. It is the first class in this program that is in a lecture hall. It is a little different than I expected, but am really looking forward to it. The seats are horrible and the table space is way too small… but I guess I will survive.

The college renovated the studio spaces in L-wing over the summer. Now instead of a couple of nice roomy studio spaces with lots of storage there are three smaller ones with no room to move around. The art studio has hideous lighting (hanging pot lights) that cast intense black shadows so that your hand’s shadow blocks out what you are drawing – just awful.)  The drawing studio no longer has a corner for the models to change in private, nor counters for the paper and equipment.  It is like no artists were consulted on what was needed.

I have a pair of magnifier glasses that actually have lights in them – I think I will take them to class to counter the shadows from the overhead lights.

I am also still in the Work/Study Program – full-time Summer job turned into a part-time job while in school. I am allowed to work up to 12 hours per week. The really great thing is you arrange your schedule around your classes and it is flexible if you have projects or field-trips, etc. I am so happy about being approved to continue in the program.

Tuesday morning was our first Design class and it started at 9:10 a.m. I am aghast at how many students strolled in late. Without even an apology to the professor, or even saying anything to her! The latest to show up was close to 11 a.m. Really? Way to make an impression guys. I know I am old and “things were different back in my day”… but… is this really how it goes now? I’m not sure how many are actually in the class (as they haven’t all appeared as yet) but, about a quarter of them were late.

No art to post yet, just getting started so maybe next week I’ll have something to share.