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Taking a walk along Lake Ontario’s shore

I finally remembered to take my camera when Brian and I went for a walk down to the lake. It is Lake Ontario and we live a couple blocks from the shore.

It is really beautiful here; neighbourhood is lovely with brick homes and lots of mature trees, and wildlife – like squirrels, chipmunks, raccoons, opossums, deer, etc. We have to keep the garbage locked in big bins to stop the raccoons from making messes.

It was an overcast day but very nice for March. We went right onto the beach.

To the left (which is west) is the Pickering Nuclear Plant… I posted about that HERE. What I find interesting is that right beside a nuclear power plant there is a giant wind turbine.

DSC05905 (2)

It is usually pretty breezy so the wind turbines would be a nice replacement for the nuclear but it is probably a real estate issue.

Brian wasn’t terribly impressed with the water part.


I was trying to get a nice shot of him looking out over the lake.  So up on the ridge I hooked his leash on a tree… this was the best I could get. But it does show how fluffy he is!

Lake Ontario is the 13th largest lake in the world by area. The state of New York is across it – I haven’t been able to see it though, opposite shore is too far away.

The park along the lake shore is fantastic, paved trails, woods, grassed areas with parking and pavilions, picnic areas, play areas.  It is well-used and well maintained.


As you can see there is no snow as we’ve had an unseasonably warm spell. Overnight we got a small amount but that has pretty much disappeared and the temperatures are staying above zero for the daytime highs for the next while. Plants are starting to show!