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Halloween Fun with the kids

This is my first Halloween in Ontario with my sister’s family.  Today we carved pumpkins (by we I mean “me” mostly.)

I have to say I am really impressed with the pumpkins here in Southern Ontario – big, orange, ripe and so easy to clean out!  My niece chose the white pumpkin to design her face on – these must be a hybrid of some sort as I swear it smells, looks and tastes like a honeydew melon inside.

I carved the orange one and my niece drew her design on the white one but it was too difficult for her to carve it, so I finished it for her.

We are pretty happy with the results!


I did suffer an injury though…


Sliced right across the pad of my right index finger (Top Tip: Don’t hold THE BLADE of the knife when trimming the edges!)  My sister applied first aid… I think these are Troll bandaids?  It wasn’t too bad thankfully as I have clients later!

Hope everyone has a fun Halloween!

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Only four more sleeps in Grande Prairie

The last month has been a whirl. I completed a training program and did a practicum, and my house sold.

I am leaving for Ajax, Ontario on Saturday. I’m leaving before the possession date for the house as I need to get on the road before snow hits – it is a 4000 km drive, and you never know what will happen in October – so I am taking off now.

I am only taking what fits in my RAV4 so have been liquidating like crazy!  Selling things, donating things, giving things to people I know (even if they don’t really want them…) I had a Moving Sale on Sunday which went okay but lots left over, so a big load is going to Goodwill in the morning.

Friends have come to help me pack and sort – for which I am eternally grateful!  We managed to get everything I wanted to take packed so that it will fit in my RAV4!  I was actually planning to ship/mail out some things, but luckily don’t have to.

I had originally thought I would have to be hauling tires with me, which would have drastically reduced the cargo space, but I had an epiphany and called Kaltire (where I store my tires and buy them from, etc.) and they will ship them out to the store closest to my new location! Bonus! So I can use every bit of the room in the RAV4 for my stuff!

I went and bought a rooftop cargo carrier as well, so that the odd shaped things – my make-up chair, trolleys, Dyson vacuum and heater/fan, etc. can go with me. We also vacuumed packed my winter coats to put in there for padding.

I’ve been making innumerable lists and crossing things off as I go. Thought I had thought of everything but suddenly remembered that I needed to forward my mail! So I ran to the post office to do that.

Got the RAV4 serviced on Monday, and detailed today. Tomorrow and Thursday I have appointments to take care of paperwork, and Friday need to go vote in the advanced poll. As I am still a property owner here on Election Day I don’t want to miss voting.

I’ve been updating my online presence over the last week. I am in a lot of places online! I removed my Grande Prairie ads and posted new ads for Ajax and I’ve already got bookings and inquiries for Halloween!

I had to give in and get a phone thing.  Sigh.  Not really enjoying it.  A Samsung Galaxy A5.  I am finding it really frustrating and annoying. Stupid swiping.  However, I need something on the long drive, and to use when I get out there.  It is hard to see too.

My nephew is flying out from Ajax to meet me in Edmonton and share the driving. That is a good thing as I can only manage about 5 hours at a stretch before stopping – would take me two weeks to get there.  He’s young and can do the long stretches. He has to be back by Thursday, so we have four days to get from Edmonton to Ajax.

I’ve emptied my planters and am tidying up the yard. Because that’s just how I roll.  I’m leaving the buyers a lot of things as it saves having to deal with getting rid of them.

The tree in front yard dropped all its leaves this morning, all at once.  I’m hoping for a lot of wind overnight or I’ll be raking them up tomorrow.  Thursday morning is my last garbage day so I need to get all the garbage, recycling and yard waste out.


Last week I emptied my four-drawer filing cabinet and shredded for days, got that all out for last week’s garbage day.


There is still so much to do!