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Getting old sucks

Honestly, when you get over 50 it is like your warranty has expired and everything just starts falling apart.

I was having some vision issues with my left eye over the last couple of weeks so I called the ophthalmologist’s office and they fit me in immediately (always a bad sign IMO) to check it out.

It is bleeding in there again – so they are scheduling me for more injections.  Sigh.  The eye was fine in the scans they did in February.  The last injection in my left eye was in October… so the treatment only cleared it up for six months.

I had been under the impression that once the Lucentis cleared up the blood that was clouding up the inside of the eyeball that it would be fine as long as I kept my blood sugar controlled.  Apparently not.  The damage was done and the blood vessels were compromised so it can keep happening.

So the rest of my life I’ll be having retina scans regularly.  Yay.  And injections in my eyeballs. Oh joy.  But better than going blind.

But at least they are able to “fix” it!  Modern medical marvels and all that.

I’m a wreck really.

I didn’t mention it in my Moroccan trip blog posts, but fell off the stairs in the hotel in Fes and sprained my ankle. I was NOT going to miss anything on that trip and as I could bear weight, I continued to do everything.  Our guide got me an ankle brace, which kept it steady. Most of the doctors in our tour group told me to go for an x-ray, but I figured since that ankle already had a plate and seven screws in it, it would hold together until I got home.

It did… but was uncomfortable and swollen every evening. I slept with it elevated and thankfully had taken my pain pills with me. I had fallen in early March and had a severely bruised hip – my doctor told me to stay ahead of the pain. (I mentioned I’m a wreck, right?)

On the way home my leg was so bad after the flight from Casablanca to Amsterdam that I upgraded to First Class for the rest of the trip.  I had to overnight in Amsterdam and my leg was so swollen I couldn’t get my slacks off… I wasn’t going to manage a 9-hour flight with my leg hanging down.

Saw my doctor and got x-rays done – no bone or metal damage, just a severe sprain.  So I spent that week laying on my recliner, ankle up, wrapped and iced. Took three days for the swelling to disappear.  I saw the doctor last week for a follow-up – I’m keeping it wrapped and being careful.  If it is still sore next week I need to see him again.

Lately every single x-ray I have had, has shown degeneration that was not a result of the reason I was getting the x-ray.  My doctor scared the heck out of me after an x-ray of my back, telling my I had Degenerative Disk Disease – which is just wear and tear on my spine.  My hip, knees, ankles, shoulders, hands too… I’m just a hot mess.

Guess spending all of my life carrying up to 200 pounds of extra weight put a lot of stress on my skeletal structure.  Losing the excess has helped so much with my knees in particular, which were always a problem for me, even as a child.

It was a beautiful day yesterday so I went for a nice long walk with a friend.  I should really do that way more often!  And I finally got back to the gym this week too – after being unable to go due to the hip injury, being on vacation and then the sprained ankle! I’m hoping to be back to my regular routine next week.

It is almost time to mow the lawn too… if it dries up a bit more today I may do it tomorrow.  Actual gardening and planting won’t be for at least another month, but I’ve cleaned out the beds and pruned back the perennials.