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My Christmas Present Arrived!

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I ordered myself a new up-cycled sweater coat from Bramble Hollow Fiber Arts.  I ordered a custom made one from Angela last year, but since then I’ve lost 70 pounds so I sold that one to a friend who loves it and wears it daily!

My new coat was already made – not a custom order.  I loved it and the measurements of it were right!

It arrived on the weekend and I’ve been wearing this week.  We are in a deep freeze here and I have worn it in a -32C windchill and it is pretty warm.  I wouldn’t stay out for an hour in it, but it works for walking from the car to the office or store!

The bodice and hood edge is made out of an amazing embroidered sweater – just gorgeous. The two pockets are like having a Tardis strapped to you – I keep putting stuff in them but they never fill up!

I am being stopped constantly by people asking if I made it or who made it.  One cashier commented “Pink must be your favourite colour.”  Actually it is green, but I like pink.

I found lots of coordinating items at Giant Tiger (a Canadian discount department store) – earmuffs, turtlenecks, mittens, etc.  Which was surprising as I hadn’t seen these colours around for quite a few years.  But hey, great timing!

Photos by my friend Maj at MAJ Photography.



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