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TMI – you’ve been warned

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Appears my gallbladder removal surgery was a resounding success.  I stopped taking painkillers less than 48 hours after, have no issues or pain.  I get to go back to work next week (but not allowed to lift anything over 15 lbs until mid-December.)

But, as noted in the pre-surgery information, there is the issue of “loose stools.” Friends who’ve had their gallbladders removed also told me it took months to a year for things to normalise again.  The information I was given said “up to six months.”

I wasn’t thinking about it too much as I’ve had gut issues most of my life so how bad could it be.  Ha.

It took three days post-surgery  for the full effects of this to become fully apparent.  Holy crap (pun intended.)

I’ve cut back on fatty foods and portion sizes, hoping things will slow down a bit, as it seems that everything that goes in comes out within a couple hours.

It is a small price to pay for being pain free.  Just hope it will pass quickly.

Here’s a pretty picture of some poppies.

DSC07391 (640x480)



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