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It’s gone!

I am a very happy person!

Gallbladder was removed on Wednesday morning and within 48-hours I didn’t need painkillers at all!

I woke up in recovery around 10:30 a.m. and was completely alert, sat up and pushed away the covers to check that it was laparoscopic surgery as there was a risk of having to be cut open.  It was!  I was so happy.  The nurse, however, was not – “Lay back down, you shouldn’t be moving!”

I could feel the difference – no more pain!  Although part of that might have been the anaesthetic still working.

I was taken back to my room where my sister was waiting, and they kept me there for about two hours, then released me.  We were home by 1:30 p.m.

There was no pain from the “stabs,” which is what they call the holes, and they only had tape over them. And I seem to have had an easy time regarding the “trapped gas” – some mild shoulder pains yesterday and burping that is uncomfortable, which has eased of now.

As of this morning I am not taking painkillers at all.  Not even Tylenol.

Yesterday my sister drove me around to do errands and I had no problems walking around the stores, etc.  If I pressed on an incision it was a bit tender, but not horrible.

My sister has taken excellent care of me and she leaves tomorrow to go home to Toronto. And I am under strict instructions to take it easy and not to lift anything heavier than a plate or a pillow.

I can’t go back to work until the doctor clears me to, and I won’t know that until next week sometime.  The tape on the holes is supposed to fall off on its own and I am not supposed to lift anything for about the same amount of time.

It is so nice to not be in constant pain.