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Four More Sleeps!

Only four more sleeps until this gallbladder gets removed.  I am barely holding on. I have been in non-stop pain for the last four weeks and I’ve been popping T3’s every night, sometimes two at a time.  I just want it to stop.

I can’t take T3 in the morning as I have to drive to work – but the pain is less at that time of day so I wait till I get home to take them.

I had my pre-op appointments on Wednesday at the hospital – had to have an EEG, X-rays and much blood removed.  They put a red plastic bracelet on me at the blood lab and told me not to remove it as if it wasn’t on me on surgery day it could be delayed.  Basically a tag and release program…


I’ll wear this incredibly annoying thing to the end of time if this pain will end.