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Yay Me!

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This week was a roller coaster ride with hospital emergency visits, tests, treatments, pain, etc. BUT… had my six-month follow-up with my doctor to review my tests and progress.

My blood sugar was great!  A1C is NORMAL at 5.2 and my Fasting Glucose is NORMAL at 5.6. My doctor agreed to let me reduce the  Metformin dose by half (after my surgery in a few weeks – said not to mess with things until that’s done.)   Yay!

My MIBI test (heart stress test with radioactive injections and scans) showed that there is absolutely nothing wrong with my heart. Yay!

My blood pressure on Thursday was 120/80 – that is textbook NORMAL. Yay!

Had another round of eye injections today – was told my right eye had “dried up nicely” so the next time I only get an injection in the left eye – if I’m lucky that may be the last one! Yay!

Looks like I am pretty close to being NORMAL… contrary to the rumours!  LOL

So I am very happy, which really goes without saying.

Last weekend I had a booth at LibriCon selling my Star Trek collection.  MAJ Photography was the official photographer and got some nice shots of us.

I am the one in the Superman t-shirt.  (In case you don’t recognize me!)



I was trying to convince her to buy my Conversational Klingon tape – even offered to throw in a Sony Walkman to play it on!  She didn’t go for it.


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