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A new venture – Name Art

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I am now taking commissions for one-of-a-kind hand created Name Art.  I find it very therapeutic to create these unique pieces and have a lot of fun coming up with the designs.

I set-up a Facebook business page yesterday for this new venture  Shannon Fennell Art. You can contact me about it via message from that page.

I can work on them at anytime and anywhere so it is a portable activity (and it fills the time spent sitting in waiting rooms.)

I can do work suitable for framing, postcards, invitations, birthday cards, announcements, certificates, gifts, signs… pretty much anything you might want a name done decoratively for.  And they can be shipped worldwide.

I use good quality artist’s paper and pens, felt pens, art markers, watercolour pens, pencil crayons, watercolour paints, pastels or a combination of more than one.  Depending on the theme certain methods are a better choice to create the desired results. If you would like the Name Art done in another medium contact me to discuss it as I may be able to tackle it!

I have decided on three levels/categories (I am still deciding on the terminology I want to use.)

The first category is “Freeform” in which the customer chooses one of six general themes:

  • Organic: will incorporate stylized forms of flowers, leaves, etc. in a flowing manner. See “Allison” for an example.
  • Sharp Edges: will incorporate angles, squares, and/or triangles, lines, etc.
  • Outer Space: will give the impression of stars, galaxies, planets, spaceships, etc., in a stylized manner.
  • Bubbles: will be predominately rounded shapes with shading, resembling bubbles.
  • Clouds: soft background giving the impression of clouds.
  • Swirls: Lots of swirls, curved lines, coils, flowing shapes.

And then they choose up to five colours to be used.  The rest is up to me – I start with the name based on the theme chosen, and the rest just happens!


The second level is “Specific Font/Letter Style” where the customer tells me the font or style of lettering they want used.  I can use a pre-existing font, copy something from a title, etc.  whatever is desired.  Again, they can choose up to five colours to be used.  The background will be done to highlight and compliment the font and name.  See “Colin” for an example of this level using a popular video game style of letter.

Specific Font

And the third category is “Fully Customized” where the customer tells me the font/lettering style and can specify the background and/or a border design, and/or the inclusion of a character or figure to be included in the design.  See “Justin” below for a sample of this level using a Star Wars like font and character as his choices.


Prices are based on size and complexity of the design.  If you would like more information on pricing check my Facebook page Shannon Fennell Art and message me for a price list.

If you are interested in something other than a name and with multiple words contact me to discuss.

All work is freehand – I don’t trace or transfer – so every single piece will be unique.


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Multidisciplinary artist, world traveller, make-up artist, and cheese lover. I follow a low carb lifestyle to keep my diabetes in remission. Canadian expat in the UK.

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