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A little rant about my pet peeves

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Everyone has their own pet peeves.  I have several.  Um, actually, I have a lot depending on the day of the week or phase of the moon.  You know… the usual variables.

I am a list maker so I’m going to categorise some of mine by topic/theme.


WHY do people use fractions of items in recipes?

I’m not talking 1/4 teaspoon; I’m talking about 1/5 of an avocado for heaven’s sake! Who the hell would cut up an avocado to use only 1/5 of it?  Really?  You couldn’t manage to use ALL of it?

Or how about 1/2 a can of sweetened condensed milk?  I don’t know about you, but when I open one of those I only have one thing to make and what the heck am I supposed to do with the leftover half a can?

Or recipes that call for 3 egg yolks and 5 egg whites?  What’s up with that?  Either figure out how to use 5 egg yolks or cut it back to 3 egg whites.  How hard is that?

Or 1 tablespoon of diced onion?  Sure you can put the rest of the onion in the fridge or freezer to use later, but… I’d have just included the whole “small” onion in the recipe.

And for baking – why on earth would anyone want to use margarine?  BAKING… you know, sugar upon sugar, usually containing other sweets like chocolate and fruit… use butter or lard or shortening – REAL food.


Turn signals.  When did they become optional?  They are either not used at all or only turned on half-way through the turn.  I was under the impression they were for indicating your intention to turn, in advance.  Silly me.

Rolling stops.  A stop sign means STOP.  I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve just about been t-boned, or as a pedestrian, was just about clipped.  These same people complain and wail when they get a ticket for not stopping (a $275 ticket!)  My heart bleeds.

Tossing butts out the window. I can’t even describe the stupidity of this.  Given the fires we have had you would think anyone with a single brain cell would know how stupid this it, but, daily, I still see it happening.  That or flicking their ashes out the window instead of into an ashtray.

Make-Up Pricing

As a professional make-up artist I buy a lot of products.

Many “brands” buy their items from the same sources – private label companies.  You can order anything with your own name and logo on it: brushes, liner pencils, eye shadow, etc. You can buy their stock items or order custom colours or packaging. You then can create your own price point.

I recognize a lot of these products and the price variation is ridiculous.  Personally, I go with the lower prices on many items – price is no way to judge make-up quality.  It can be a factor (i.e. stuff made in China for example, which I try to avoid) but all being equal, I’ll go with price.

I was looking for individual/single false lashes – the store I was in had one store brand package left at about $8.  I asked the attendant if they had anymore.  She checked the drawer, but had none of that brand left.  So she went and checked two other brands… in the “designer” section… $20 for a Borghese package.  Keep in mind these are tiny individual fake eyelashes… why would I want to pay $12 more for the name brand?  So I just got the one package.

Things like moisturizers have a wide variety of pricing – essentially ALL contain the same ingredients, in slightly different proportions with different scents, etc. There is no point, in my opinion, in spending on the higher priced brands when a $10 or $20 brand will serve the same purpose.

Brushes are something that really annoy me.  I have literally HUNDREDS of brushes for face painting.  I refuse to buy face paint brand’s labelled brushes.  They source their brushes just like any other company would, and have them customed coloured and stamp their name on them.  If you look around an art/craft store you can find the same, and usually better, brushes.  I’ve also discovered sets of cake decorating brushes work excellently – a set of 7 for $14… can’t beat that.  Quality of brushes is often judged by price, particularly artist brushes, so this is often a “get what you pay for” item.

Trying to get a price without having to talk to a salesperson

I’m curious to find out what solar panels would cost to install on my house.  I just want a ballpark – I don’t really have any intention to do it in the short term.

Couldn’t find any pricing on the interwebs that could be figured out by a layperson.  I do NOT want to talk to a salesperson, I just want a general idea of costs.  So I filled out one of those “get a quote” things – that sends to local outlets (I used one before to get car insurance quotes – and didn’t have to talk to anyone.)  They keep contacting me wanting my phone number – I told them I prefer email.  I just want to know what the price range is and that I can answer questions by email.

Just give me an average cost for this city. Then I know what I need to aim for if I want to do it.  I know they want to push a sale, but I just want information.  I hate hard sales pitches.

Well, that made me feel better.  Here’s a photo of my clematis.

DSC02826 edited




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