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Summer Beauty


My flowers are coming along nicely this summer.  My perennials are all back and transplants from this year are doing well.  The usual petunias are looking great and starting to put on some size.

In the Fall of 2014 I harvested hollyhock seeds from the flower beds of an old church – it had been converted to offices and I worked there at the time.  There were about six different colours and I collected seeds from all the plants, hoping for a variety.  Last year several plants grew, but stayed small and did not produce any blooms.  This year I have six good sized plants (and some smaller ones) and today I discovered my first bloom!

As far as I can tell only two of the plants have buds to this point.


My Prairie Mallows are prolific as always.  They are aggressive self-seeders so I remove a lot every year.  They really are pretty.


This bee thinks the Prairie Mallow are great too!


This patch of lilies started as one single plant in 2010 – I’ve started to divide them and plant in other parts of the beds.


These next two I need to research to find out what they are exactly – a friend gave me the plants out of her garden a month or so ago.  They are doing well!

My clematis are lush as usual, with the pots of petunias to complement them.


It is still early and the petunias in the beds will soon be spilling over the landscape ties.  I really love Wave Petunias.




2 thoughts on “Summer Beauty

  1. That first plant that your friend gave you looks like a Chinese bellflower to me.

  2. They are really beautiful! Your love shows 💖💕

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