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Now I wait…

I had my “procedure” of injections into  both eyeballs yesterday afternoon.  I was really nervous.  Many people who’ve had that type of treatment said the anticipation was worse than the process, and they were right.

While it isn’t exactly fun, it certainly wasn’t that bad.  Much easier than a root canal… once you get past the whole needle in your eye thing.

I asked the doctor if this will fix the issue and he said that it could resolve the eye problem if my blood sugar and blood pressure stays under control (which they have been.)  But we won’t know if there is an improvement until my next scheduled tests on July 22.  They’ve already scheduled me for another set of injections at the end of the month, if needed.

I flinched when he injected the first eye, more from anticipation than anything else.  It was actually rather interesting – as the drug was injected I could see it!  All swirly like spin art, and looked like jelly fish swimming around.  Then the black floaters appeared which was the stuff pooling.

My eyes were really dry after, and all gooey around the lids.  Had drops to put in which helped as my left lid was sticking open!  And other drops to put in four times a day.

The floaters are almost completely gone now.

So now it is just wait and… SEE (ha ha…)


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Trials and Tribulations

I just want to say… be careful of your health.  If you are told you are pre-diabetic you need to treat it as if you ARE diabetic to stop it from progressing.

Unfortunately, I have now been diagnosed with diabetic retinopathy and will be receiving treatment this week consisting of injections into my eyeballs to hopefully slow/stop the progression of the disease.   I don’t want to go blind.

Even though I got my blood sugar under control quite quickly once I was diagnosed as full blown diabetic (by eliminating carbs from my diet), the eyes continued to deteriorate severely.  This was discovered last week when I had my six-month “diabetic health check.”  The fact that the surgeon has “squeezed” me in this week scares the hell out of me.

If you have any family history of diabetes, stay on top of it.  You don’t want to deal with this, trust me.