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Goodbye and good riddance 2015

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On one hand it has been a long and busy year, on the other it whizzed by so fast and was, as the Queen once said, an “annus horribilous” for my family.

I’ll be finishing off 2015 face painting at the New Year’s Eve celebration at Muskoseepi Park tomorrow night with my crew of six.  It is a nice way to cap off a very good business year – best yet.  Lots of face painting, make-up, theatre, a couple of different film shoots, weddings and Halloween, of course.

I’ve been at my new part-time day-job for five months now and am really enjoying it.  Great group of co-workers, nice place, excellent company with fantastic pay and benefits.  I am very grateful to be there.

Then there are the horrible parts – in April my uncle died (father’s only sibling); in June my mom died; in October my father died (they divorced in 1985.)  My two sisters and I are now orphans (our baby brother died in 2006.)

The week before Christmas I got hit with serious health/medical diagnoses (yes, more than one) – none require hospital or surgery but do involve medication and life changes.

Then there was the basement flood in February when the water line into the house blew.  And then repairs to the foundation in July and subsequent mandatory renovation to the basement to repair the aftermath.

I love my house but… The only thing that is still original to when we bought it just over 10 years ago are the studs and the siding.  Seriously.

So bring on 2016.  I’m more than ready.



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