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Post Halloween Wrap Up 2015

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Another Halloween under the belt.

Lots of great customers as usual.  And a couple of no-shows.

I had a two-hour session blocked off for a couple who wanted sfx work, who had confirmed earlier in the month – but they did not show up nor contact me.  Prime time 4-6 p.m. slot on Halloween day too.  Not pleased about that

I don’t require deposits for private appointments, I just ask people to let me know they are not going to come so I can fill the time from the wait list…  No shows don’t give me time to let people on the wait list know about openings.

Sugar Skulls were huge this year.  I did eight of them over the two days.  What happened to the zombies??  I only got to do three this year and they were face paint only, no sfx.

Here are some of the sugar skulls – I missed getting photos of all of them.  I always manage to miss some even though I intend to take photos of everything.

kidskull red skull skull skullcouple

And these were minimally my work – they came with their bases already done and just wanted me to add the stitches.  I did the eye shadow on the blue haired woman but her lash extensions were already blue.

Bride stitches

Many customers provide photos of exactly what they want and I provide it:


This next one is my interpretation of Jonah Hex (when the client told me that’s what he wanted I had to google it…) It was all created directly on his face and the latex and gelatin was reinforced so that he could remove it and re-attach it himself.


Next is Zombie Cleopatra – she really only wanted to be Cleopatra but she was working at a  Haunted House and the “boss” told her she could wash off the “blood” later to go to her party.


A couple of the Living Dead.


And Vinny… ah, yes, Vinny the imaginative.  He is the “Incy-Vincy Spider”… he is so creative. He always arrives with parts of his costume in pieces and finishes it in my studio. Usually I am picking up feathers and fluff for weeks.  But it is always fun to get the make-up right.


And my final photo to share is of Flynn, The Undead Dane!  I’ve painted animals before but Flynn was unique – and massive… and heavy!


Here is an action shot… of me.  On Flynn’s part it is inaction!



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