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October Design-A-Day #4

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And on to design number four for October’s Design-A-Day leading up to Halloween.

Today’s photo is of a mummy I created on my brother using gauze bandages and liquid latex.  I built the cowl and costume in advance and then attached gauze directly to his face with the latex, sealing the edges of the cowl with it as well.  Then added dry bandages around the edges. Then applied make-up to add the depth and detail.

I had soaked the gauze in tea to age it before I started.  The base of the costume was torn up sheets that had also been soaked in tea.  I still have the suit.  It was custom-made to fit Neil, but you never know when you might need a mummy costume.


Tip: to get the black teeth and inside the mouth, buy the four pack of food colouring (red, blue, green, yellow), pour all four bottles into a small glass – and rinse/gargle with it.  This is what you get!  It will last most of an evening (but alcohol will tend to remove it from the teeth quickly.)



One thought on “October Design-A-Day #4

  1. Love the food colouring tip! Thank you

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