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Autumn winddown

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Autumn is here in all ways except for the date.  Trees have turned, the weather is definitely there – cold nights with frost in the morning and damp days, the flowers are dying off.

Today is a complete day off for me – no bookings, no errands, nothing absolutely required to be done other than my list of things that need to be done but have no real deadlines.  Haven’t had one of these days for quite a long time.

I was planning to do a long list of chores but… meh.  Decided to chill and maybe bake and make some meals for the rest of the week.

I did decide to give my face painting kit a thorough breakdown and clean and restock seeing as the last outdoor jobs of the season are now done – had two bookings yesterday.  I hadn’t put it away yet after unloading the car this morning so it seemed like a good time to do it.


I put the palettes out on the table to dry out for a couple of days. The black one in my main one.  The others are the ones that my crew use, which are my “old” ones.


Washed all the plastic with vinegar and set out to dry.


Washed all the brushes.  This is more than my usual amount as one of the jobs yesterday was a three painter one, so I had taken extra brushes – I’ll only re-pack my usual amount which is +/- 25.


Sponges are soaking in their bucket as usual.  I’ve still got last week’s drying on the vent in the office so no rush to get them done.

Now I just need to refill the glitter and the palettes as needed and re-pack it all.  Also removed items that had not been used – some specific brushes, some tools, etc.  No point in carrying them around when I don’t even take them out.  When I don’t even realize something in still in there… out it comes!

I’m still clearing up and unpacking in the basement.  The last of the work was done on Wednesday – the pouring of concrete to fill in the hole in the basement floor.

This is what the problem was – a poor patch job by previous owners.  When I had the water main break and flood this part of the basement this patch material turned to sand.


This is the hole the foundation repair guy made digging out the stuff.  They left this until last week to fill just in case we discovered some plumbing issues during the rebuild of the basement.


And this is the hole, filled in with proper concrete – still wet as this was the day they poured it.


So that’s done.  I was thinking of painting the floor once it was dry, but I’d rather get things back where they belong than wait until it is properly cured.

The basement looks amazing!  I’m still putting things where I want them so it isn’t all “done”  but here is what it all looks like without construction dust!

Bathroom – I’m still hunting for all my towels and other things to put back in there.


Bedroom – this room is the width of the house on west end.  The door is in the middle of the space, so to the left is the bed room area, with closet:



And to the right is what I call the “study area”:

DSC01482 DSC01481

I love this room.  Every time I go down to the basement I go in there and just look at it.  I had considered moving myself downstairs.  I could fit my office and bedroom in this space comfortably, but… too much work.

These are of the main room aka “My Studio” – a work in progress.  As I sold off the furnishings that were in this space (our oak dining room suite, the day bed, recliner) I need to get creative about recreating my workspace and seating area without buying anything new.  It will involve some movement of furnishings from upstairs but will work out.  I do miss the dining room table though.

DSC01478 DSC01488

I am part way through emptying those blue bins onto the shelves, culling things as I go.  It is amazing how much stuff accumulates when you aren’t paying attention.  I still have stuff in the utility room to move – just not sure where to put it.  As I got rid of two beds I have extra bedding that takes up a lot of space – not sure where to put them at the moment.  I have them in storage bags piled up on one of the cedar chests but I need to get into the chests to sort out the contents!  One thing at a time I guess.


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