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Technology… bleh


Computers are not lasting as long as they used to.  My hard drive started acting up, so, well, yeah… went and bought a new laptop.

Took two days…. TWO DAYS… to get it up and running and move all my data from my two old computers onto it.  Had to go and buy a new external hard drive too as the media I had on hand were not “large” enough to create the recovery disk on.

Now I can get rid of the old stuff.  I still have a CPU that uses 5.25 floppies.  Not sure what to do with my DOS games on the floppies.  Maybe… make Christmas ornaments?  I’m just going to remove the hard drives from my old towers and smash them (my brother-in-law said a hammer works faster than trying to reformat the disks), and take everything to the Eco Centre for recycling.

Based on how long each successive computer has lasted until problems started or it was just obsolete… I have until about May of next year until this one will need upgrading.

On the plus side I now have ALL my data on the new computer – so lots of photos that I hadn’t moved onto the last laptop are now accessible again.  I have about 24000 images, apparently.  So lots of sorting and culling to do as a lot will be duplicates… I hope.  Can’t believe I’ve taken that many photos.

Here’s one I haven’t seen for a while – 1983, me showing one of our American Saddlebred foals, Supreme SweetUmps (Umpqua Flashy Genius X Lucky R Supreme Majorette).

SweetUmps 1983


2 thoughts on “Technology… bleh

  1. Hi Shannon, Didn’t we talk about this horse coming from around Glide/Roseburg, Oregon where I grew up?

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