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Changes – Reno update

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It is a summer of changes for me.

Here is what has been going on in the house – basement tearout, foundation repair and basement reno.  Still a work in progress… but getting closer!!

DSC01134 DSC01135

Day 1 – old floor and carpet ripped out.


Day 2 – new gyproc.


Day 3 – mud.


Day 4 – more mud and trim painting.


Day 5 – more mud and sanding.


Day 6 – Primer!


Day 7 – more primer.


Day 8 – ceilings.


Day 9 – first colour coat.


Day 10 – more paint (other rooms too)


Day 11 – new floor!  Vinyl planking – looks and feels like wood.


Day 12 – floor in bathroom and main area done!


Day 13 – Bathroom starting to go back together.

That’s how far it is  Still have the bedroom. hallway and stairs to do the floor in.  The paint has all had a coat of colour, but they’ve been mudding flaws, so a bit more sanding, and more paint.  Right now the appliances and a few pieces of furniture are in the bedroom and hallway until they get the main area finished, then they’ll get that done.

I am very excited and happy with how it is all coming together.


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