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We’re bustin’ mom outta dat joint

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I decided this morning that mom was coming home.  She wasn’t cooperating with rehab at the hospital, wouldn’t eat, they were short-staffed to the point of one nurse on an entire ward, and our aide was taking complete care of all of mom’s needs anyway… that we can do at home.

Mom’s hip is fine – she needs to work it to get back to where she was.  The surgeon says it is all good as far as the surgery and repair goes.

She has been refusing to eat the hospital food (which is tasteless BTW).

The Physio said her strength in both legs is over 90%, so no reason that she can’t stand.  He also told me there is no medical reason that she needs to stay in the hospital and that he would put in an order for the Home Care P/T to come to our house for sessions.

So I asked our aide (who is fully trained and certified in various things as a rehab aide) if she was on board if I TOLD the hospital we were bringing mom home.  She was.

I called our case manager at home care to make sure that it would be acceptable and they would be able to assist with the possible need for additional equipment.  She was and is arranging for an O/T to come and assess our equipment needs if there are any over and above what we currently have. I called our family doctor to update him on mom – as he doesn’t have hospital privileges he isn’t in the loop.  Once she leaves the hospital she is back under his care.  He said as long as it was not against medical advice he was fine with it.

Then I booked the handi-bus to pick mom up tomorrow morning.

Then I drafted a memo to the hospital/surgeon/doctor advising them I was taking mom home tomorrow morning and outlining my care plan for her, and that I’ve lined up all our support systems.  I handed it in at the desk on the ward when I got there this afternoon.

One of mom’s nurses came in around 7 p.m. when her shift was ending to tell me the surgeon would be up in the morning to sign the release form so the discharge would be official and not against medical advice.

So tomorrow we  will get mom home.  She really perked up when told she was coming home.  It might be a little rough for a couple of days, but it will be less stressful for everyone having her here.

Family members:  If you want to phone and talk to mom please wait until AFTER 1 p.m. tomorrow, Thursday, May 28.  We need to get her home and settled first.


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