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Update on Mom

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I spent today with mom at the hospital.  She was more “normal” today – dozing off a lot but speaking.

One of the nurses managed to get her to stand up off the edge of the bed holding onto a walker.  She didn’t stand up totally straight but did balance her weight on her good leg. Also sat more upright most of the day too.

Getting her to eat is still a struggle but she did eat something at each meal.  I took her some watermelon that she did eat.  The meals they are giving her are HUGE and she is not a big eater at the best of times.  Breakfast this morning, for example:  Hard boiled egg, pancakes, big bowl of oatmeal, fruit cup, yoghurt, coffee, cranberry juice… mom’s usual breakfast is yoghurt and banana, with a cup of coffee.  And while the food isn’t disgusting like the crap they tried to feed her the last time she was in after her stroke, it is pretty much completely tasteless.  She’ll eat a few mouthfuls then doesn’t want any more.

The surgeon stopped by to say everything was great with the hip.  Just need to get her back on her feet now.

I’ll be back at work tomorrow and will stop in to see mom on my way home each day.  Gerry is there with her in the daytime for her shift.


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