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My Mom (June)

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My mom had a fall last Friday – we were getting her out of the car in the garage after her water therapy session.  She slid down the car and hit the cement floor of the garage, landing on her bad side.

We spent 13 hours in ER… she was admitted for a broken hip AND clavicle.  Both on her left side which is the side the stroke affected so she wasn’t “using them.”  Although due to therapy she has much more strength in her left leg now.

They did surgery on her hip on Sunday afternoon – had to wait for her INR to be right as she is on blood thinners.  It was a clean break (only visible on the CT Scan) so they put in a rod and pins.  The surgeon said the surgery went as well as that sort of operation can.  The incisions are immaculate!  Three tiny slits, with a total of thirteen staples, no redness or gaps… just neat and tidy!

Now we are dealing with her pain and trying to convince her to bloody well use her good leg and stand up!  Typically they want hip surgery patients on their feet within two days, but mom, as she doesn’t walk anymore without assistance, needs different rehab.

Our new (started in April) full-time aide, Gerry, is fully trained and experienced in rehab which I am SO grateful for right now.  She was away for a week visiting her new grand-baby and was back at work Thursday – so she spent it at the hospital taking over mom’s care and maintenance from the nurses and working with the hospital physio to get mom moving.

Mom doesn’t want to eat – says it all tastes horrible.  So we’ve resorted to spoon-feeding.  I’ve tried taking in other things and she will eat some, but not all.

I’ve been at the hospital all-day everyday until Thursday.  You have to be there when you have someone who isn’t fully aware (they had her on opiates which make her loopy – finally got that changed) so you can hear what the doctors and therapists have to say directly.

For the first few days I had to tell everyone who came to check her that she COULD NOT move her left side due to a stroke.   I think that is all noted now.  And Gerry is there to deal with it from now on during the day.

Mom is aware, in pain which is understandable, and being well looked after.  I had hoped we could get her home within a week but that doesn’t look likely.  She needs to stand to transfer and she hasn’t stood up on her own power yet.  They are using a mechanical lift to pick her up as she will NOT cooperate and put weight on her GOOD leg, let alone the broken one which is functional and stable and can bear weight.

As I was at the hospital everyday I missed work this week, and all the yard work and other things I had planned for the long weekend didn’t get done.  I’ve got bookings for make-up/face painting, have to get back to work at the day job, and visiting mom – and housework, yard work and getting paperwork done.  Days are long and I just want to chill, make myself something to eat and sleep when I finally get home.

This part is for family: I know a lot of you read my blog.  If you are trying to call me I will not answer the phone after 9 p.m. (ever) and I tend not to check for phone messages when I get in as the flashing light is on the phone in the office which is out of sight – right now it may be the next day before I listen to them.  I do not have a long distance plan.  I am not in the house a lot and when I finally get a chance to chill and watch mindless television I have no interest in talking on the phone – I need to relax!  Shari and Shona have the latest updates and information (including mom’s room number, etc. which I won’t publish here.)  If you want to send an email or FB message (ShannonFennell.MakeUp)  I will respond to those (again, Shari and Shona can provide my email if you don’t have it.)

PLEASE DO NOT SEND FLOWERS  – mom has severe allergies and the nurses have instructions to not let them anywhere near her.

Now that Gerry will be working with mom I really REALLY hope that we can get her home within another week – but she may not be up to coming with me on the big jobs for quite some time.



One thought on “My Mom (June)

  1. So sorry you and your Mom are going through all this. You are an amazing daughter!

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