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Yeah, I got that


Hard to believe Christmas is less than a week away.  Time flies when you’re busy.

We did the last Christmas party booking on Sunday – crew of four painters and one sanitization crew (that’s mom’s title to make her “official”).  Went well and I should be getting some photos from the organizer.

Got home, started coughing.  Long story short – home sick since Monday.  Really sick.  Can’t get out of bed or I’ll fall over sick.  Somebody get the Incredible Hulk off my chest because I can’t breathe sick.  Thought I was feeling better yesterday but was kept up most of the night by mom’s coughing, hacking and choking (I think I caught it from her – she’s starting week FOUR of it… or it could have been the dozen kids who have coughed in my face over the last few weekends.) I managed to sleep (once mom’s aide arrived I went back to bed) till noon but woke up feeling like death.

I am so glad that we managed to get through all the bookings before I got sick.  I have two weeks to get better before the next one.

It probably is just as well we haven’t left the house… it is pretty dangerous… we are surrounded…


by… SNOW SHARKS!!!!!!!

Also got the tree up with Alex’s (mom’s part time aide) help last week.  Here it is without lights…



And, with lights on…


The tree was originally pre-lit but all the wired on lights have died – it is ten years old.  We had added the blue lights years ago, and Alex and I added three new strings of white lights this year.  So 300 white lights added.  It looks really nice in the bay window.



2 thoughts on “Yeah, I got that

  1. I’m finally beginning to get in the mood. Once I got through my gigs, got shopping finished, wrapped, and sent the packages off. Whew! I have just a small amount to wrap and I’m done for the year.

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