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Now I know it is summer

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We’ve had a warm spell and the flowers are doing well.

First let me introduce you to my oldest Prairie Mallow – seeded by itself from the neighbour’s yard to the west when she was trying to eradicate them from her yard!  They self-seed aggressively and we have them popping up all over.  I’m encouraging them to spread in my west flower bed as it is very dry and takes a lot of effort to get annuals to do well.  These plants have massive taproots and are pretty self-sufficient.


Here are close-ups of the flowers… I think they are quite similar to hibiscus – five petals, prominent stamen…


DSC09523It will continue to bloom all summer!

And my clematis and petunia planter.  The clematis have just started to bloom. They will continue all summer as well.  I really want to get a big arch trellis to put over those stairs – we don’t use that door at all.



And here is my mom’s lily.  My uncle brought her a single lily in a pot when she came home from the hospital in Spring 2010.  I planted it outside right away as we are allergic.  This first photo is the plant in 2011.


And this is what we have right now!!



I plan to split up the bulbs and spread them out a bit more to fill up that corner.  Oh and just for reference this is the same spot in the winter…  You can see the piece of driftwood peeking out.

DSC08983 (600x800)



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