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What we did on our summer vacation

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Sorry I’ve not posted in June so far… it has been a very busy month, and mom and I took a week to drive down to Calgary to see Cher with Cyndi Lauper, shop and be tourists and just got back today.

As I can’t drive longer than approximately four hours without my eyes starting to close, we broke the trip into two days of driving both ways.  We stopped in Edson to visit my uncle on the way down, stayed at the Holiday Inn Express (they had a roll-in shower in the wheelchair room!)  We then drove to Calgary the next day down Alberta Highway 22 – it is a shorter route in kilometers but about a half-hour longer due to slower speeds on the roads… it was a very nice drive.

Here is the road ahead of us somewhere between Drayton Valley and Rocky Mountain House


And this is later on…


And… still later…


As part of the reason for taking Hwy 22 was to avoid traffic… I think it was a successful choice!

And this next one shows the Rocky Mountains off in the distance.  The smudges are dead bugs on the windshield.  Speaking of which… YUCK!


This is my “art shot” – once we got through Rocky Mountain House we eventually turned east on Hwy 587 with the Rockies behind us:

DSC09500 (1024x768)

It was a really gorgeous day for a close to  five-hour drive.  We saw maybe three deer the whole trip and lots of hawks/falcons.

The older I get the fewer photos I take… I even forget to take the camera sometimes.  I almost didn’t take it this time.

We spent all morning on Tuesday at the Glenbow Museum in Calgary and the camera was in mom’s bag on the back of her wheelchair but I never took it out. And there were some very cool things there!

We spent most of Wednesday relaxing (we both had some tummy problems) and then went to see Cher with Cyndi Lauper at the Saddledome which was excellent.

Right next to the hotel was a Toyota/Scion dealer and they had these two cars in the lot…

Spider-Car, Spider-Car, does whatever a Spider-Car can…

DSC09506 (1024x768)

DSC09507 (1024x768)

And na na na na na na na na na na …

DSC09504 (1024x768)

DSC09503 (1024x768)

If I had to choose…. Spider-Car!!

The weather in Calgary kept changing… we watched the hail beat down on the RAV4 from our hotel room window.

DSC09502 (768x1024)

On the plus side… it washed off all the bugs, moths, butterflies and various other things that dove into it as we drove.

We drove to Edmonton on Friday – I do not enjoy driving on the QE II Hwy,  too much traffic and it is a boring drive.  We got into Edmonton way too early for checking into the hotel so hit West Edmonton Mall – got a few things at T&T Supermarket, roamed around, bought a couple of things.  Went to check in and the room wasn’t ready so they gave us a discount on the rate which was cool.

We decided to check out this morning.  I had booked the hotel for two nights but we had no reason to stay as we did the MAC shopping in Calgary at Chinook Centre.  I had been planning to do it at West Edmonton Mall before I realized there was a MAC Store at Chinook.  And we picked up the stuff at T&T yesterday.

On the way out on the Yellowhead Hwy we hit the most awful rainstorm.  There was a gorgeous complete double rainbow arching right over the highway and as we drove towards it the heavens opened up and it was practically zero visibility… but again, the silver lining – it washed off  the bugs!

But I have way more bugs to clean off of the RAV now… [sigh]

It was a nice trip. All three hotels were great – very clean and nice staff.  We stayed at a Holiday Inn Express in Edson and Edmonton and the Best Western in Calgary.




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