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The Wind In The Willows

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I’ve been working on The Wind In The Willows which opens tomorrow night.  All animals in people clothes, no ears or animal costumes.  So only indication of their animal characters is the make-up.

And I really was having a time trying to decide how to do the make-up designs.  All those rodents… How to make them different looking?

I googled images of all of the real animals and picked some that were nice and clear examples then used them to create the designs on the actors’ faces at the last rehearsal before dress and had the director check them and approve my ideas.  Then I took photos to use for the charts for my crew.

Another challenge is making all the weasels, rats, mice, hedgehogs, etc. look different, yet still the same.

I decided to go with a mask style painting which is mean that the designs are finished and outlined leaving bare skin around it – it is working well.

Mole was rough… I think I finally figured out a workable version last night.

Another issue was that when I went to my inventory of make-up to sort out what I needed for the show I discovered that I only had TWO cakes of mid-brown.  ACK!!!  I don’t use a lot of brown, except when doing lots of animals on a show, and I’ve also been filling up lots of palettes… I wasn’t paying attention to how much brown was left.

So I contacted my usual supplier in Edmonton and she only had some browns in the small 9 ml cakes!  Luckily she did have several different shades so I think we will be okay.

There are four of us on the make-up crew and we are getting done in just in time for curtain.

I’ll post some photos on the weekend after the show opens.




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