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The Old Man and the Beauty

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I had a couple of private appointments yesterday which were great fun.

The first one was at 7:30 in the morning!  Michael wanted to be aged as a disguise.  He was going to be speaking at a high school graduation and didn’t want any of his former students to recognize him.  Seeing as he was going to be up close and interacting with people I decided that using my Reel Creations tattoo inks would be the best way to do the make-up.  Using regular make-up would be obvious to anyone that might be close.  I’ve used the inks before for HD film make-up and it worked very well.

Unfortunately, as I am wont to do, I forgot to take a before photo… but here is the end product!

old michael med watermark

When he stopped by to return my mustache and beard he said no one recognized him and that a senior gentleman engaged him in conversation as a peer.

My other appointment yesterday was for a repeat client.  Kim volunteers as a model in charity fashion shows and I did her make-up last November for one, here is a shot of that (photo by Prairie Ranger Photography)

Kim Tremblay Sean Trostem Photo

This time the designer wanted a matte look apparently based on Marlene Dietrich so I asked Kim if she was up for an extreme contouring make-up – as all those movie stars were done with that technique.  She was.

This is Kim at stage one of the transformation:


Looks like bad Kabuki make-up!

Here is a before and after comparison.  I am really happy with the whole effect.  Kim has great eyes and cheekbones… this really brings them out.

KimB4 medium

I am planning to play around with the heavy-duty contouring make-up.  It really can transform people.  It is what the drag queens do and always fascinates me how some dark brown make-up along the jaw and forehead can transform people.  Stay tuned for some selfies as I plan to be experimenting on myself.







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