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April… one of my busiest months ever


It has been crazy and I haven’t had time to blog.  Aside from working on MacBeth at Grande Prairie Live Theatre, the usually face painting jobs (Easter Eggstravaganza at Muskoseepi Park, Swan Festival at Saskatoon Island Provincial Park, birthdays, etc.), I was coordinating a conference at the day-job.

I’ve been putting in 14 hour days at the office working on the conference – which was held last week (April 23, 24 & 25), then this Saturday was closing night for Macbeth, Sunday was the Swan Festival and today was back to the office.  I am planning to take off some banked time this week to recover… well, I won’t be at the office – that is a break.

Mom wants to go shopping and get a haircut on Wednesday, Thursday is earmarked for cleaning kits and putting away my gear from MacBeth (including washing all the blood off the head), getting my face painting kit ready for a big job on Saturday, and Friday I have a nail appointment and need to deal with paperwork I’ve been stockpiling.

I also need to get designs worked out for The Wind and the Willows which opens May 23.  I’ve had one discussion with the director about how to do it… trying to make all those pointy-faced rodents look different is a challenge – but I have a cunning plan!

The theatre announced the shows for next season last week and I’ve been booked, so far, for Les Miserables (YA!!), The House on Pooh Corner, and Cards on the Table.  I might audition for Cards on the Table – it is an Agatha Christie.

Here are some shots from MacBeth (I’ve posted lots more on Facebook – and links to the Theatre’s photos) – this was the last night and I did each witch differently and we added things to their hair (First Witch was teased up like Bride of Frankenstein with bats and spiders in it; Second Witch had a rodent lair complete with a rat; and Third Witch had a birds nest with a bird and lots of flies.)


The photo is hazy because of the smoke they had been using on stage.


This one above shows the bird’s nest.


And above is the rat’s nest.


And there is the bat, some spiders and a big moth in the First Witches’ hair.

It was a lot of fun doing up the witches.  They were the most shared photos and made the local paper too.

DHT Macbeth 04 14

I made the paper’s online photo gallery as well this month – face painting at the Easter Eggstravaganza at Muskoseepi Park. I have no idea why the photo is sideways – that’s how they posted it.

DHTPhoto Apr 19 2014

And a local photographer, Marilyn Grubb of Chipabirdee Images, has shared photos from yesterday on Facebook – These photos are priceless!  The pink butterfly is apparently crying because she didn’t have mustard on her hotdog.  No clue why the rainbow butterfly was sticking out her tongue!  Marilyn gets the BEST photos of face painting, in my opinion, and I really appreciate that she shares them with me!

crying bfly

Marilyns granddaughter


2 thoughts on “April… one of my busiest months ever

  1. Great pictures, Shannon!

  2. Great Blog. Thanks for sharing. Glad it’s been busy for you. My calendar has been equally busy. MacBeth sounded interesting!


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