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Macbeth… something wicked this way comes!

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GPLT’s production of Macbeth opened this past Thursday to the highest attended opening night this season!  It is the 51st season for Grande Prairie Live Theatre (they are almost as old as me!)

I have a crew of five – one dedicated to hair, three for make-up, and me.  I’ve been concentrating on the witches and their hair, beards and mustaches and sfx.  I stick around until the show is finished to remove Hecate’s (the queen of the witches) crown and help the other witches remove things from their hair, and to make sure the sfx is all put away.  It means this past week I was up way past my bedtime five nights out of seven.

The general manager of the theatre has been taking photos during performance and sharing them with us which is wonderful!  Here are some of the ones he has sent to me.


This first one is the wounded sergeant – this was dress rehearsal, we’ve added more “dirt” since.


This is Lady Macbeth… this shot shows off the amazing scenic painting by local artist Tim Heimdal – look closely.


The three weird sisters.


Weird Sister #2.


Weird Sister #1.


Weird Sister #3.


Macbeth and Lady Macbeth.


Three weird sisters and Hecate, Queen of the Witches.


You can see Hecate’s crown pretty well in this shot.  I’m doing her make-up gold to match the crown and her costume.


Macduff and Macbeth’s head.


Malcolm and Macbeth’s head. Final scene of the show.


This was a posed shot after Friday’s performance .

I decided after dress rehearsal to change the make-up and use face paints instead on the witches.  It makes them more  other worldly and shows up well.  All the hair is theirs, teased and sprayed (we’ve gone through three cans of hairspray already), have used nicotine stain on the three sisters’ teeth, and there are twigs in their hair too.


Here is a shot of me working on a witches’ hair… takes a lot of concentration.


This shot of Macbeth really shows the scenic painting… if you couldn’t see it in the photo of Lady Macbeth!

Tickets are still available – show runs till April 26th.




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