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Macbeth: In the flesh

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Yesterday I did a bit more latex work on  Macbeth and fixed up the nose and sealed up the mouth.  Added some flesh around the neck cut too by attaching pieces of fabric softener sheet to disguise the straight edge of the lid attached for the base.

Then I applied a primer coat of white PAX paint – PAX is a mixture of acrylic paint and pros-aide medical adhesive that adheres to rubber.  I let that dry completely then applied two coats of flesh coloured PAX.  I used up my supply doing this so will have to re-stock before my next major project.

I rigged up a couple of hangers so I could suspend the head over the heater – I needed it to be completely dry before handling.  The PAX can stick and lift off if not completely dry.


While this was drying I built a “crown” for Hecate (queen of the witches).  I only found out about this yesterday when I stopped at the theatre to pick-up a wig and was shown photos of Hecate from another performance and also saw the costume.   So… hit Dollarama and Michael’s for stuff, found a couple of very cool LED headbands on clearance at Target, etc.  And created a rather cool crown which will be woven in with the actor’s own hair.  I’m really happy with it – and black duct tape is da bomb!!

I also cut up two wigs – I couldn’t find one dark enough brown so will be layering a lighter brown and black in strips to approximate the correct shade for Macbeth’s hair – it will be bloody too so should all work fine.  Here are the strips laid out so I could get an idea of how it will look.  It is like attaching a whole lot of extensions to the head.  I’m going to use tacky glue to do that, one strip at a time.


Once the head was dry I did a coat of straight acrylic paint in a paler shade.  This will give me a flat, tack free surface to work on.  I left the patch at the back of the skull as I was holding it there while painting it.  I’ll be filling it in later.


I’ll lay the hair next I think, at least most of it up the back of the skull, and work on the handle – I picked up some narrow drapery ties to use and will weave some of the hair into them.  Some hair needs to be tacked down around the face – to hide the lack of ears for one thing!

Then I’ll attach eyelashes and some hair for eyebrows before laying hair by hand around the hairline.  I’ll have to check with the actor about his beard – he will adjust his hair length to match what I do but I need to make sure that any beard I lay will match his natural shape.

I also found out yesterday that they need blood packs for on stage fight scenes, SFX on stage, etc.  Would have been nice to get some specifics a little earlier than 10 days before dress rehearsal.


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