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Macbeth’s Head, The Sequel

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Today I finished construction of the head and secured a rope suitable for using as the handle, which will be disguised later with hair.  At one point it looked more like Robocop without his helmet, but that was just a stage he was going through.

First thing was to wash off most of the powder – just wiped it down with a damp cloth.


Then I threaded the rope (a drapery pull) through the head and secured it.  I used the lid from a yoghurt container to create a stop on the neck to prevent the knot from pulling through the styrofoam.


And here is the top, I’ll attach a longer “handle” once the hair is going on.


I added a short piece of dowel through the knot for greater security, trimmed the tassel off and started to pack pads around the neck and jaw line to fill in the hollows, and connect the neck to the chin.  After I cut up and applied the Always pads (very handy those being adhesive!) I covered with used dryer sheets cut into strips and the blue latex.


I did it in stages.  I did both sides to about the “cheek bones” and all around the neck, sealing up the edges of everything on the lower part of the head.

This is his “Robocop” phase… there is quite a difference from the face to the skull level at this point.  I used a blow dryer to get the latex dry before continuing.  What I like about using the used dryer sheets is that they are very strong and when dried the latex isn’t tacky so powdering it is not essential when working on it.  I did powder the base just to be safe as I was balancing it in the cake cover and didn’t want it sticking to the plastic and drips of latex.


Then I worked on leveling the top of the head – cut up strips of Always and laid them on top of each other until it was level – quite easy as each piece was sticky and stayed where I put it!  Then I applied the strips of latex soaked dryer sheets to seal it all up.


I covered the whole head with the dryer sheets and latex to ensure there were no weak points, and leveled it all off.   He has a nice skull and jaw line now.


Now, he will sit and dry out completely.  I will paint him next Saturday, and start applying the hair after the paint is dry.  I bought a wig and will have to trim it back to match Derek’s hairline.


I’m really happy with it.


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