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I am still here… barely

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It has been pretty hectic around here.

Our full-time aide quit essentially on no notice, one of the casual’s took over but only four days a week.  So we’ve been trying to hire a permanent part-time aide for Friday & weekends – every time I think we have one lined up, they back out!  I’m getting very frustrated.  I HAVE to have someone for Fridays.  And the new full-timer is only going to be available until June 20th, so the part-time could take over full-time at that point.

I had to take mom to work with me the day after the old full-time aide quit.  And I am going to have to take her with me for at least two-days next week while the new full-timer as to go to Edmonton for medical appointments.  It is not a big issue to take mom to work BUT our washroom is NOT accessible and it is very uncomfortable for mom to sit all day in her wheelchair.

The new casual we hired is working out, but she got a day-job the day after accepting our casual job, so she is only available for evenings and weekends.  The evenings are really important as I am committed to three shows at the theatre starting this coming week until June.

I’ve got an interview scheduled tomorrow with another potential part-timer, I hope.  Haven’t heard back to confirm it yet.

I’ve been fairly busy with make-up and painting jobs.  Prepping for body painting for a show starting next week – it is going to be a ton of fun!  I’ve been painting accessories and styling the wig.  We did a test make-up last week and I am very happy with it.  I had to do a quick review of faux finishes – Does anyone remember The Furniture Guys?

Yesterday I taught bridal make-up all day to teachers at a professional development/in-service day for the school districts.  And I will also be teaching at the Mighty Peace Teachers Convention in March.  I’ve been booked to teach five blocks of make-up to drama/cosmetology teachers.

On Monday, which is Family Day here in Alberta, I will be at Muskoseepi Park with my crew painting from 12-4 p.m.  They are having a big event with lots of activities for families.

Next weekend I have a booking to paint at a dance school on Saturday, then on Sunday my crew and I will be painting at the Timbits Jamboree from 1 to 6 p.m.

There is a lot happening at work too.

I’m not really getting any downtime, and if I get a few hours to just sit I discover I forgot to do paperwork or the bills are due.  Or the driveway needs clearing or the dishes need doing.  I’ve given up dusting entirely.

I’ll post photos of the body painting next weekend once the show opens.  In the meantime, here is a random photo – my clematis in Summer…



One thought on “I am still here… barely

  1. You’re amazing. I don’t know how you are handling all those challenges. Thanks for posting the picture. It’s been gray here for a few weeks. It’s finally warmer, but still cloud covered.

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