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Global warming, yeah.

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You have no idea how relieved I am to realize that global warming is causing this… If I didn’t know that I would be worried about a new ice age.

Had a guy shovel off our roof yesterday – he was up there for four hours in -28C with a windchill in the high 30s.  He did a fantastic job.  If anyone needs someone to clear their roof or driveways contact me and I’ll pass along his info.

After the sun went down and the temperature dropped last night the roof started popping and cracking… removing the insulating layer of snow meant it was freezing up.  It was -37C overnight… some of the pops shook the whole house!

Here is the roof this morning…

DSC08977 (800x600)

This is what it was before it was cleared…

20131231Snow (800x540)

After two insurance claims over the last few years for damage caused by ice dams I am paranoid… so the preventative clearing before ANY sign of them was imperative.  Luckily there is very little ice up there so we’re good.  I had our guy put ice melt up on what ice there was so it should disappear as we are supposed to warm up to zero again this week.

DSC08983 (600x800)

This is the snow pile from the roof… I have an urge to build a castle in my front yard.  The perimeter is already piled high so it would be really easy to build.  Does anyone want to come and help me?  Something like this is what I have in mind:


I also have tons more snow in the backyard so there is no shortage of building material.

DSC08979 (800x600)

The large bank on the left is well over my head… I am 5’8″.   I can’t throw snow that high, and my snow blower is a tiny electric that doesn’t throw that high either.  I may have to hire someone with a huge gas blower to do it the rest of the winter.

Snow is about a third up our living room window… pretty soon we won’t see anything but a wall of solid snow when we look out.  Hope we have a cold spring with lots of wind… so we don’t get a lot of water sitting around.


One thought on “Global warming, yeah.

  1. WOW!!! One of these winters I may have to pop in to see all of this snow….to Southerner….all that snow piled up like that …well it’s like seeing a yeti!

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