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I’m moving up!  I bought a new (new to me) camera for myself yesterday.  We’re calling it my Christmas present.  A local photographer was selling a Canon EOS M with all the bits for an excellent price.  It is in between my current Sony Cybershot (my NINE YEAR OLD Sony Cybershot!) and an actual DSLR.  So it should be an easy transition.

I really want to learn more about photography and lighting so I can take my own, really good, photos.  I’ve always been happy with the photos I take myself, but know that with proper light and the rest they could be so much better.

I’m going to play around with my new toy tomorrow… it should be clear, lots of snow and I have a guy coming to clear my roof so I’ll get some “working photos” to experiment with.  Unless it is too cold… I need to read the camera’s manual to see if -40 windchills will be a problem.

In the meantime… I took this with my little Sony Cybershot.   Sunrise out my living room window.



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