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It is just about a new year… again?

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The older you get the faster the time goes by.  Really, trust me on this.  It seems like only the other day that I was excitedly planning my designs for CATS which ran in February… now it is all a distant memory.  Thank god I have photos or I would be doubting it happened…


The time goes by so fast, but things fade in memory even faster… Stuff I did just three weeks ago I have trouble even remembering.  I look at the notes written in my Day-timer and wonder if I actually did them.  I must have, because I wrote them down, but… phftt… I got nuthin’.

Sometimes I feel like I have things under control… but only if I make a list and cross off things as I do them.  Hard to believe I was once Executive Assistant to a very high-powered Executive and was HER memory as well as my own, without needing to write things down (but I did, because I needed to have the notes and records to refer to!)  I’m now about the age she was when I worked for her and now I know exactly what she was going through!  Oh yeah, menopause is a vicious bitch.

I’m currently working on getting my bookkeeping done and ready to give to my accountant.  Another excellent year – best yet actually.  Which means I will probably have to make payroll remittances again as a self-employed person.  Last year I had to pay quite a large CPP contribution (Canada Pension Plan) for myself.

I got my car insurance bill today… ACK!  It has increased over $300 from last year – time to shop around I think.

Christmas feels like a distant memory too at this point.  If it wasn’t for the tree and lights I wouldn’t even remember it happened.  Which reminds me I need to take down the tree and put things away – better write that on my list.  It was a pretty nice Christmas – my uncle got my mom a lift chair!  Which actually helps me a lot as I don’t have to lift her up, the chair does!  I just have to be ready to catch her as she hasn’t quite mastered the controls yet and almost tosses herself out of it!

It has been snowing for days again…   Apparently Grande Prairie has had about 4.5 feet of snow so far this winter… yep, that seems about right.  That’s more than we usually get in an entire year… in about a month and a half.  My apple tree in the backyard is completely covered – just the tips of the top branches are still visible.  This photo was taken on Dec 13th… I have to take some more tomorrow to show the latest dump.


I am planning to audition to be one of the witches in Macbeth in a couple of weeks.  I mentioned my intention to the director and he said that some might call it type-casting…. ?  I think I’ll take that as a positive…  I’ve been practicing: Double, double toil and trouble;   Fire burn, and caldron bubble…

Bookings are going well for 2014, lots of multiple painter jobs confirmed.  I also will be doing demonstrations and teaching at the Mighty Peace Teachers’ Convention in March.  And Halloween is already pretty solidly booked – seeing as Oct 31st is a Friday, there probably will only be the one weekend for parties.  This past Halloween I was booked over three weekends.  Guess what my number one request was?


I haven’t mentioned resolutions… that’s because I never make them.  I plan and do.

Hope everyone has a great New Year celebration, however you do it, and a happy and healthy 2014.


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