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Enough already

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So… it is official… Grande Prairie has received 178 centimeters of snow since November 1st.  That is 5.84 feet for those who aren’t sure what a centimeter looks like.

This chart shows that 2013 had the most snow since 1988 Historical Snow Data.

Here is my driveway on Dec 13th


This is my driveway today, Dec 31st


We had a warm spell over Christmas and the snow on the roof melted off a lot, so it isn’t the total depth we’ve had.  However, the shoveling is getting impossible as the side are so high.  The roads are almost impassable.

Mom’s aide’s husband and two boys shoveled the driveway and sidewalk on Sunday AND Monday… here is a photo… the one to the far right is standing on TOP of the bank to shovel it off to make it possible to continue tossing snow up there.


I’ve been off over the holidays and have to go back to work on Thursday… I really hope the roads are better… (I can hear the laughter from the locals.  Hey, it COULD happen, right?)

This SUV is stuck at the foot of my driveway this afternoon… people were just stopping to help him get unstuck.  There were about four trucks out there out of the frame who stopped to help.

photo 2

On another note… I mentioned in my previous post that I’d received my car insurance renewal notice and it was over $300 more than last year.  So I called the broker where we have our house insurance to get a quote.  She called back – the quote is $509 LESS (same underwriter as our homeowners’ insurance.)  Guess I’m changing policies.  I did call to see if my current insurer would match – they wouldn’t.


One thought on “Enough already

  1. wow on the snow and yay on the insurance. blessing in disguise.

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