Time for a change

After nine years I decided to update my website.  It was scary.  I use Yahoo Small Business and had used PageBuilder to create my site over New Year’s of 2005 – I was up ALL night on New Year’s Eve 2004 creating it.  I’d named all the files wrong, so then re-did the whole thing again New Year’s Day 2005.

Over the years I added more and more pages to the site – making it a bit of a challenge to navigate.  But… it suited me and how I think.   But… it was getting harder to access.  I was having problems logging into PageBuilder and Java was not updating right causing problems trying to save pages.

So… last week I downloaded SiteBuilder to my computer and started to create a completely new site.  I’ve gone from around 40+ separate pages to 5… yes, FIVE!  It took a lot of thinking about how I wanted to show off my work.

I used to have a page (or rather several pages) for each area of services I provide – there were three pages of face painting, four for theatre, etc. etc.  It was a lot to keep track of and lately trying to keep it current was not getting me enthused.

So my new site is a combination of templates from SiteBuilder, that I then edited and played around with.  And I basically combined all my services.  I didn’t make any galleries, just made a column of thumbnails of photos down the left side of the pages, with some photos in the main page area.  I think it looks pretty good – but I’ve been looking at it for hours every night this week while I worked on it.   Oh, and I did not watch any tutorials or anything, I just dove right in.

Tonight was the night (er, actually morning as it almost 2 a.m.) that I took a deep breath and hit the “publish” button.  It happened so fast and then… my old site was GONE!  I’m not even sure if I can access it anymore… I was copying and pasting content from it to the new site.  So I really hope I didn’t miss anything I wanted to save… oh, crap… just realized that there are several pages of data that I DID want to save on my computer!  Guess tomorrow I will see if I can open up PageBuilder and find my files.  Oh well….

So have a look at my new website – let me know what you think.


2 Responses to “Time for a change”

  1. 1 Paula Moors
    December 28, 2013 at 07:19

    I got “unable to load, try again later”

    Paula Moors, CBA Petaluma Ca http://www.sunshineannee.com

    On Sat, Dec 28, 2013 at 12:47 AM, Shannon Fennell’s Blog wrote:

    > shannonfennell posted: “After nine years I decided to update my > website. It was scary. I use Yahoo Small Business and had used > PageBuilder to create my site over New Year’s of 2005 – I was up ALL night > on New Year’s Eve 2004 creating it. I’d named all the files wrong, so > then”

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I am a professional make-up artist with credits in film, television, theatre and editorial. I offer a multitude of make-up related services and retail instructional products for face and body painters.

Some of my awards include 2005 International Face Painter of the Year, 2006 Winner of Fantasy Worldwide Face Painting Contest in Putte, Belgium, Second Place at the 2007 US Body Painting Festival, as well as over 80 other awards and prizes.

I love creative projects and am available for everything from wedding make-up to custom built prosthetic appliances, large scale international sporting events to individual appointments, birthday parties to trade shows.

I also do costume design and prop building for theatre and cosplay.


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