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November bits and pieces

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Last day of November 2013.  Wow, where did the time go?  As you get older time flies by, really.  Trust me on this.  Sucks, but that’s how it is.  Blink and you’ve missed a week, take a nap and you’ve missed a month… seriously.

I’m working on a show called “Bingo, The Winning Musical” at Grande Prairie Live Theatre which opened this week, lots of corporate Christmas parties on the weekends, busy at the day-job with one of our major events coming up this Thursday – International Volunteer Day Celebration Breakfast and 5th Annual Volunteer of the Year Awards – which I am responsible for organizing, as well as an open house at the office and an invitation only reception that night, and trying to get my Christmas candy making done so I can send off gifts before the mailing deadlines, and getting gifts together to send off for Secret Santa gift exchanges I’m participating in.  AND I need to put up our Christmas decorations at home.

Here’s a photo from “Bingo” – it is a very funny musical… crazy bingo ladies and good songs!  The audience gets to play three games of bingo during the performance and there are real prizes given out!

Bingo 2

There are still tickets available at the theatre box office.  One of the songs that “Honey” sings (the one in the red dress) is “Gentleman Caller” and you really need to hear it!  So funny!

I was planning to plant tulips in the bed under the bay window before the snow came… missed my chance again this year.  I’ll have to plant the bulbs in the Spring now and hope they come back the next year.  I had good intentions… even planning to plant them when I got home from work on a weekday… but, either the weather sucked, I was tired, or it was just too damn dark outside!

Right now I am waiting for the first batch of candy to set so I can pack in up in temporary storage containers and use the trays for the next batch.  Takes me a week or so to get everything made.  I start with candy cane/white chocolate bark, cashew white chocolate bark, then milk choc cashew bark, then almond milk choc bark, then dark choc almond bark, then I move on to the brittles – peanut brittle, pecan brittle (my personal favourite!), mixed nut brittle (hazelnuts, brazil nuts and other odds and ends).  That’s all microwave stuff.

Then I move to the stove top to make the English toffee.  The last thing is my famous Nut Crumb Clusters – all the left over crumbs from ALL the batches of everything, and any leftover nuts that I chop up, get mixed into the remaining chocolate and are dropped on the sheets by spoon.  They are yummy – bits of toffee, brittle, nuts all coated in creamy chocolate.  Some years I also make caramel to make my own version of “Turtles” or “Sweet Georgia Browns” – caramel on top of whole pecans with a drizzle of chocolate on top – doesn’t happen every year.  Not sure if it will happen this year or not – depends how I feel once the rest are made.

Then I move onto cookies – we give my uncle a huge collection of cookies as his gift every year. It is tradition!  I have to make Church Window Cookies for him – I don’t like them but he loves them.  And shortbread, and peanut butter, and I might also make sugar cookies for general use too.  Depends how tired I am from everything else, and whether I’ve run out of time.  I actually am considering making gingerbread cookies… but, with no one to help with the decorating I probably won’t.

As my Christmas present to myself I ordered a custom bodice from Jodi Gustafson in Minnesota – and it arrived!  I am thrilled with it – it is reversible so I can be a peasant or a lady!  I’ve ordered skirts to go with both sides now too.  I love it.  Jodi also made the chemise.  Her prices are extremely reasonable!


Unlike many who wear these I do not have enough bosom to push up… I tried but not going to happen.  I’d rather be comfortable anyway.

I had to get an emergency appointment with my eye doctor yesterday… my left eyeball was all inflamed and felt like I had a whole tree stuck in it.  Apparently I have Episcleritis – a random inflammation that doesn’t have a known cause. Not contagious, but he gave me a prescription for steroid drops and some samples of moisturizing drops to use.  Have to say the drops are great – eye feels better pretty much instantly.  It should clear up in a week or so.

Without the drops the inner part of the white of my left eye is blood-red and gooey looking – the drops get rid of the redness and swelling very quickly.  This is what my eyes looked like after seeing the doctor – he had put three different drops in so my pupil is pretty dilated.


Well, my candy is probably set-up so I should get back to it.


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