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5 Alarm Photo Project 2013

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Here is the description of the project taken from the Facebook page of the Five Alarm Photo Project:
A friendly competition designed to challenge and help local photographers grow held annually. 5 New Photographers each year are selected to participate.
Five Alarm Photo Project is a “friendly competition” between 5 local Grande Prairie, Alberta, Canada photographers [that was founded in 2010.] Each artist is given a team of 5 models to work with. Each model will be placed in 1 of the 5 categories (they all share the same categories) … The project is simply and interpretation of how each photographer views each category. Nobody will see the work until the show, this includes the models. The only people allowed to see the work is the hair/makeup team & the confidante (if the photographer chooses to have one).The Categories are as follows:
1. High Fashion.
2. Horror.
3. Scenic Portrait.
4. Romance.
5. Scene From A Movie.So no one will see anyone else’s work until the gala night during Alberta Art Days in September where everyone will get to see the results.
I’ve been involved with this project since 2011 when one of the photographers participating asked me to work with him on all his shoots (yes, it was paid work.)  It was great fun!  The next year a couple of the photographers asked me to do the special effects for their horror shoots (somehow I have the reputation for doing horror well… )
This year I submitted my name to the project as being interested and available.  The photographers chosen were announced in March.  Three of the photographers booked me for their Horror shoots… the fourth used me for her Scenic Portrait and Scene from A Movie.
While I do enjoy doing special effects and, she says modestly, am very good at it… I also love doing other make-up.  A lot of people are surprised that I do ALL OF IT!  Beauty/Glamour, Weddings, etc. as well as Theatre, Body & Face Painting and Special Effects.
It was really great doing the body painting for the Scenic Portrait shoot this year… I was thrilled with how it turned out.  We were on location on a river bank, naked model and a bucket of baby oil mixed with Mehron Silver Powder.  Constant touch-ups were required but it looked amazing!  This first image is the one that the photographer, Rebecca Ford (S&R CreationZ Photography) , chose to enter and was in the gallery show (without her watermark of course.)
These next two were a couple that I really liked out of all that were taken… and there were LOTS taken…
The next one is actually my personal favourite – I love how the line of her arm aligns with the line of the river bank.
After the shoot was finished (and after I had chased away 4X4’s with guys with camera phones….) the model rinsed off in the river and we helped her get the oil off.   She was fantastic to work with, as was the photographer.
After this shoot Rebecca asked if I thought I could do her Movie scene shoot – she had another make-up artist lined up but she said they told her they didn’t think they could make it look real and backed out.  I was very curious as to what the move was.  Turns out it was the Passion of the Christ and she wanted to recreate the scenes of Jesus carrying the cross and possibly the crucifixion.  On a female model.
I said, sure, I can do that.  This was Rebecca’s chosen photo for the show:
We also took some fun shots after the shoot… just goofing around.  I have no idea what the V-finger thing means but all the homestay students we had staying with us did it every time we took a photo of them…
And this was our version of “Buddy Jesus”
I think it turned out well.  I made a mess though… I lost the grip on my brush while applying blood and managed to get it all over myself.  Luckily I did manage to wash it out of my shirt.
David Fast (Silver Creek Images) wanted a glam vampire for his Horror shoot.  Here are a couple of shots – one of me working on the make-up and one of David’s final shots that is my personal favourite.  As well as the make-up and hair, I applied vampire fangs.
David Fast3,jpg
David Fast2
This was David’s final choice that was in the show:
David Fast
Another of the Horror shoots was for Morgan Sperry (Sperry Photography) who wanted her model’s throat ripped (I made a small appliance for that) and her twin boys were going to be the nasty little creatures eating her… These are MY photos from the make-up session.  Here is the model… Some of the red is too bright in this photo but the lighting for the actual photos was much darker so it evened out.
DSC08559 (509x800)
And these are the twins… I took three photos… I like the progression.  Reminds me of the twins in The Shining.
And here are a couple of Morgan’s final shots… The first is the one she entered in the show.
And the final photographer I worked with this year was Andrea Brown (Memories by Andres Photography).  This was her shot for the show.
Andrea Brown
So… that was fun!!

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